What is a Proclamation?

Proclamations are ceremonial statements issued by Brantford City Council that officially recognize the importance of an event, a campaign or an organization of significance that are of interest or benefit to the residents of Brantford for a particular day, week or month. A proclamation does not establish a personal or civic endorsement.​​ 

Guidelines for Proclamation Requests
  • Requests are to be made at least four weeks in advance of the requested issuance date
  • Requests may only be made by a City of Brantford resident, City of Brantford property owner or City of Brantford resident on behalf of an organization
  • Requests must provide background information about the organization, cause or event being proclaimed
  • Repeat requests are to be submitted on an annual basis
  • Requests must relate to an organization, cause or event that contributes to the economic, social, and cultural fabric of the City of Brantford
  • Proclamations are issued at the discretion of the Mayor
  • An organization (i.e. requestor/recipient) may request one proclamation per year
  • Proclamations are issued only to recognized Brantford organizations and not to individuals
  • Organizations do not have exclusive rights to the day, week or month being proclaimed
  • Proclamations of a similar topic will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis
  • Only one proclamation is provided framed and will be issued to the requesting organization. Organizations can request multiple signed copies of the proclamation, as well as digital versions for their webpages and social media
  • All proclamation text is subject to approval and modification by the City of Brantford

Submitting a Proclamation Request

Please complete a Proclamation Request Form.​ 

The City's Corporate Proclamation Policy is available for reference. 

For questions or concerns, please contact the City’s Clerks Department.