Mohawk Lake District Plan

The City of Brantford's Mohawk Lake District is located in the southeast part of Brantford and includes Mohawk Park, Mohawk Canal, and the 50-acre property that was home to the former Massey Ferguson and Cockshutt Plow farm equipment factories. There is a lot of unique history here! Our goal is to bring new activities and land uses to this area to create an exciting destination for people to visit, explore and celebrate festivals and events. 

Along with revitalizing the land uses in this area, the City has also studied options to improve the environmental quality of Mohawk Lake and Mohawk Canal. Improving the Lake and Canal is a separate project led by the City’s Engineering Services. Learn more about the Mohawk Lake and Mohawk Canal Cleanup and Rehabilitation project by visiting the project page.

Official Plan Amendment (OP-02-23)

To formalize the vision and the land use framework of the Mohawk Lake District Plan vision, new policies are proposed to be incorporated into the City of Brantford’s Official Plan. This requires a city-initiated amendment that will be considered by the Planning Committee on May 11, 2023. Following the Planning Committee’s consideration and recommendations, a final decision will be rendered by City Council on May 23, 2023.

The purpose and effect of the proposed Official Plan Amendment is to redesignate portions of the “Residential” and “Parks and Open Space” designations to align with the recommended land use structure of the Mohawk Lake District Plan and to amend the existing site-specific Modified Policy Area 4 to establish more detailed policies and development principles, such as land permitted land uses, building heights, key public realm features, and land use compatibility that apply to the three areas of the Mohawk Lake District: the Gateway Area, the Culture and Community Destination Area, and the Mohawk Lake and Park Recreational Area.

A copy of the proposed Draft Official Plan Amendment No. 7 can be viewed here.

A copy of the associated Mohawk Lake District urban design guidelines can be view here. (Alternative formats of this document can be provided upon request.)

A paper copy is available to the public at the Customer Service Counter, 1st Floor, City Hall, 58 Dalhousie Street, Brantford, ON N3T 2J2 between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday.

If you wish to attend a Public Meeting regarding this proposed Official Plan Amendment, this item will be discussed on Thursday May 11, 2023 at 9:00 a.m. at the Planning Committee Meeting, Council Chambers, City Hall, 58 Dalhousie Street, Brantford. The file number is OP-02-23. To learn more about this public meeting, a notice can be viewed here.

If you wish to be notified of the decision of the City of Brantford on the proposed official plan amendment, you must make a written request to the Clerk, City of Brantford, City Hall, 58 Dalhousie Street, Brantford ON, N3T 2J2.

Map of the Mohawk Lake District Study Area

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Mohawk Lake District Plan is Approved!

In November 2020, the Mohawk Lake District Plan was approved by City Council. The images on this site show the final approved District Plan and the related conceptual images of some of the key features of the District Plan. For more details about the District Plan and how it was developed, please read the Staff Report (2020-345)

The Mohawk Lake District Plan Vision is:

Mohawk Lake District will be…
A welcoming place for residents, families and visitors of all ages to explore, shop, eat, learn, and gather. Parks and trails along Mohawk Lake and Canal and throughout the District will provide a beautiful and healthy way to connect with nature. Mohawk Lake District will be where we honour the past, but also a place to be inspired for the future. As a popular destination where history, culture, recreation, and tourism meet, Mohawk Lake District will be a place of pride in the community.

The Final Mohawk Lake District Plan (November 2020):

Mohawk Lake District Plan: Vision and Areas

Mohawk Lake Destination Plan: Vision and Areas

Overall Mohawk Lake District Plan

Overall Plan

Mohawk Lake District Plan: Culture and Community Destination Area

Destination Area

Conceptual Artistic Renderings of  Mohawk Lake District Plan






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