Mohawk Lake District Plan

The City of Brantford's Mohawk Lake District is located in the southeast part of Brantford and includes Mohawk Park, Mohawk Canal, and the 50-acre property that was home to the former Massey Ferguson and Cockshutt Plow farm equipment factories. There is a lot of unique history here! Our goal is to bring new activities and land uses to this area to create an exciting place for people to visit, explore and celebrate festivals and events. 

Along with revitalizing the land uses in this area, the City has also studied options to improve the environmental quality of Mohawk Lake and Mohawk Canal. Improving the Lake and Canal is a separate project led by the City’s Engineering Services. Learn more about the Mohawk Lake and Mohawk Canal Cleanup and Rehabilitation project by visiting the project page.

Map of the Mohawk Lake District Study Area

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Study Process and Timeline

Study Process and Timeline

The final Mohawk Lake District Plan is a result of extensive community engagement – over 600 responses were received through public workshops, community events, and online surveys.  A June 2019 Staff Report provides more information about the community engagement program  In November 2020, the project team will seek approval of the final Mohawk Lake District Plan. The  Staff Report provides a description of the proposed plan and next steps. The next stage in the work program will be an amendment to the Official Plan to establish new land use policies, as well as a work program to implement future municipal projects, such as the proposed waterfront promenade along Mohawk Canal. 

As part of the work program, several technical studies were undertaken to evaluate the conceptual land use plan.  These studies were completed to verify the feasibility of implementing the proposed conceptual District Plan and to ensure that any future land uses would be compatible with the existing land uses in the study area. The technical studies are available for review:

Economic Analysis
The economic analysis addresses whether there is market support for the proposed concept plan and what are the financial considerations associated with the retention or disposition of all or a portion of the City-owned lands.
Transportation Study
The transportation study analyzed whether the proposed concept plan will function properly in terms of traffic flow and adequate parking.
Functional Servicing Report / Storm Water Management Study
The functional servicing report and storm water management study provided a review of what the anticipated demands would be on existing servicing infrastructure and also reviewed the existing watermains, sanitary and storm sewers in the vicinity of the study area.
D6 Land Use Compatibility Assessment (Noise, Odour, Dust, and Vibration) Study
The D6 study outlines the Government of Ontario guidelines for land use compatibility in close proximity to industrial operations.
Environmental Impact Study
The environmental impact study identifies plant species at risk, wetland habitat, and animal species at risk that may be present within the study, and evaluates whether the proposed new land uses will have a negative impact to any plant or animal species at risk or wetland habitat.
Cultural Heritage Resources Assessment and Cultural Heritage Landscape Designation Study
The cultural heritage resources assessment identifies any properties or natural features that are significant heritage resources. The cultural heritage landscape designation study summarizes what cultural and natural heritage resources exist along the Mohawk Canal corridor and how to preserve, restore, or recognize these features in future policies.

Alternative formats and communication supports available upon request. For more information, please contact the City of Brantford Municipal Accessibility Coordinator at (519) 759-4150 or by email at

Here’s a preview of the Final Mohawk Lake District Plan (November 2020):

Mohawk Lake District Plan: Vision and Areas

Mohawk Lake Destination Plan: Vision and Areas

Overall Mohawk Lake District Plan

Overall Plan

Mohawk Lake District Plan: Culture and Community Destination Area

Destination Area

Conceptual Artistic Renderings of  Mohawk Lake District Plan






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