Roads and Sidewalk Maintenance

The City of Brantford manages roads, bicycle lanes, curbs, sidewalks and utility cuts.

Road repairs

We make the following repairs:

  • potholes
  • cracks
  • curbs
  • gutters
  • guardrails
  • cables

Street sweeping program

Our street sweeping program takes place from spring to fall. The goal is to remove any leaves and debris from sidewalks and roads.

Participate in keeping streets clear

We sweep more than 1,100 km of roads through community efforts.

You can help by:

  • Raking and removing leaves in your yard and around your gutter.
  • Properly disposing your leaves as yard waste.
  • Keeping streets clear by parking your car elsewhere when street cleaners are in your area.

Catch basins

Catch basins are located along street to allow water to drain from roadways into the storm water system. They help to prevent flooding of roadways. Please keep the catch basins adjacent to your home clear of debris in as safe a manner as possible. We will assist in clearing, should it not be safe to do so. Call 519-759-4150 for assistance.

Take care of your catch basin

You can take care of your catch basin by:

  • Removing any leaves, branches and sticks from the catch basin area
  • Clearing snow from the catch basin during the winter
  • Not dumping any chemicals or garbage into the catch basin
  • Parking away from catch basin openings
  • Contact the City if you notice any damage in the catch basin

Bicycle lanes

The City now maintains bicycle lanes including; sweeping, surface repairs, debris removal, plowing, and salting. Please call 519-759-4150 if you find that a bicycle lane requires maintenance.

Winter maintenance program

During winter weather,  the City is responsible for clearing all City streets as well as sidewalks that are adjacent to City-owned property.

Our Winter Control protocol for City streets follows the guidelines and standards set by the Ontario Municipal Act, Regulation 239/02

Please see our winter maintenance section for more details.