Winter Maintenance

The City of Brantford is responsible for winter maintenance on all City streets as well as sidewalks that are adjacent to City-owned property. City streets are maintained according to guidelines recommended by the Province. Visit our Plowing and Salting page for more detailed information.

Snow Route Emergency Clearing Plan

The map below reflects all Brantford streets where parking  will be prohibited during a snow route emergency

Emergency Snow Route Map (279 KB)

Please be mindful of these tips to help us keep traffic moving after a heavy snowfall:

  • When heavy snow has fallen, a winter storm advisory will be announced on local radio (92.1 FM) reminding drivers that a snow route emergency is in effect and that persons parking on Snow Routes will be fined if their vehicles interfere with efficient snow removal by City crews.
  • Brantford Police Services will patrol the snow  routes and issue a summons to owners of offending vehicles. Offenders will be subject to a fine of up to $50.
  • Under provisions of the Highway Traffic Act of Ontario, Brantford Police Services may order the removal and the towing and storage of vehicles at the owner’s expense.

Snow Route Street SignIdentify snow route streets

Please pay attention to the traffic signs on the local streets that indicate they are on a snow route. 

No parking will be permitted on streets with these signs during a Snow Route Emergency.

Local by-law and Traffic Act sections

Section 24 Of The City Of Brantford – Parking Bylaw Number 144-88 As Amended
Where snow route signs are displayed no person shall park or stand a vehicle or permit such vehicle to remain parked or standing on any highway at the side and between the limits all as set out in Schedule 20 to this bylaw during any snow route emergency.
Section 170, S.S. 12 –The Highway Traffic Act Of Ontario
... no person shall park or stand a vehicle on a highway in such a manner as to interfere with the movement of traffic or the clearing of snow from the highway.
Section 170, S.S. 15 – The Highway Traffic Act Of Ontario
A police officer, police cadet or an officer appointed for the carrying out of the provisions of this act, upon discovery of any vehicle parked or standing in contravention of subsection 12 or of a municipal bylaw, may cause it to be moved or taken to and placed or stored in a suitable place and all costs and charges for removing, care and storage thereof, if any, are a lien upon the vehicle, which may be enforced in the manner provided by the Repair and Storage Liens Act.

Snow Windrow Removal Program

Need help removing snow windrows in front of your driveway? Find out how you can register for our Snow Windrow Removal Program.