Winter Maintenance

The City of Brantford is responsible for winter maintenance on all City streets as well as sidewalks that are adjacent to City-owned property. City streets are maintained according to guidelines recommended by the Province. This page will be updated when the City is experiencing a winter weather event to update residents on snow clearing operations. To receive regular updates to your inbox, subscribe at the bottom of this page.

How we keep the city moving

Winter Maintenence Crew Icon

Here is what residents can expect during a snow event:

Before the snow comes

Icon of snow falling on roadwayIn advance of a storm, City staff monitor weather conditions closely, and pre-treat and anti-ice City roads. At this time, residents are asked to keep their vehicles and parked cars off roadways to make room for snow clearing crews.

While the snow is falling

Icon of snow plowThe City of Brantford is responsible for maintaining and clearing nearly 1,400 lane kilometres of roadways. During a winter event, the City’s Operational Services crews plow and salt routes in priority order.  Red Routes (Arterial Roads) are highest priority, followed by Blue Routes (Collector Roads) and then Green Routes (Residential Roads).  

After a Snowfall

Icon of snow falling on roadwayOnce a snow event ends, City crews focus on complete snow removal in the Business Improvement Area (BIA) downtown, as well as clearing sidewalks fronting City-owned properties and bike lanes. Clean-up of snow and ice build-up on major routes continues and once the snow stops falling, the City  activates a 24 hour clock whereby service requests to Operational Services are temporarily paused while crews focus on clean-up efforts. Once a snow free 24-hour  period transpires, Operational Services staff resume responding to individual concerns and service requests in priority order.