Snowstorms and emergencies

During heavy snowfalls, property owners are encouraged to assist the City’s snow removal crews by:

  • Getting vehicles off the streets and whenever possible, parking in your driveway
  • Clearing snow from the sidewalk in front of and beside your property as soon as you can (and within 24 hours) after a storm event and apply sand or salt
  • Pilling all snow from your driveway and sidewalks on your property (not on the road)
  • Keeping fire hydrants clear, visible and accessible
  • On your waste collection day, ensure your containers do not interfere with snow removal

Please be patient and allow 24 hours for your street to be plowed during a winter event.

Visit our Winter Driving Tips page for tips to stay safe while driving in winter weather.

Significant weather event 

The City of Brantford may declare a significant weather event when the weather forecast, or weather conditions, meet a certain threshold. Not all significant weather events will qualify as a snow emergency.

As per the Ontario Municipal Act, a municipality may declare a significant weather event when a weather hazard, either forecasted or occurring, has the potential to pose a significant danger to road users on roads maintained by the City of Brantford.

This declaration suspends the standard timelines required for municipalities to meet their winter maintenance objectives. All roadways and/or sidewalks are deemed in state of repair with respect to snow accumulation and/or ice conditions, until the municipality declares the significant weather event has ended.

A significant weather event may be declared when:

  • Significant snow accumulation during a 24-hour period, or longer
  • Ice formation occurs without warning from the weather forecast
  • High winds leading to blowing snow and large snow drifts
  • Freezing temperatures when de-icing operations will not be effective

The declaration of a significant weather event is not an indication of reduced service levels or a road closure. It is to notify the public that due to the forecasted or current weather conditions, caution is to be exercised when travelling on City streets and sidewalks, and that it may take longer than usual to restore the conditions back to a normal state of repair. When the municipality declares an event has ended, standard timelines for winter maintenance activities then begin.

Snow Route Street Sign

Snow emergency routes

Certain roads are snow emergency routes. When the City declares a snow emergency, it is illegal to park on these roads. Vehicles that block snow routes during an emergency may be ticketed and/or towed at the owner’s expense. Snow emergencies will be announced on local radio (92.1 FM) and on the City's social media channels.

For more information, review the City’s Parking Bylaw Number 144-88 Section 24 or the Highway Traffic Act of Ontario Section 170.