Pedestrian Crossovers

Pedestrian crossovers let pedestrians easily and safely cross the road. All drivers, including cyclists, must stop and yield to pedestrians wishing to cross the road, and wait for them to completely reach the other side before driving.

Using pedestrian crossovers

Below is a quick guide to using pedestrian crossovers.  More detailed rules and the potential penalties can be found through the Ministry of Transportation.


  • Push button for flashing lights, if applicable
  • Indicate intention to cross
  • Wait for traffic to stop
  • Make eye contact to ensure the driver sees you
  • Cross once it is safe to do so 
  • Pedestrians can be fined $50 for failing to yield at pedestrian crossovers


  • When riding with traffic, follow rules for drivers
  • When crossing with pedestrians, follow rules for pedestrians; dismount and walk your bike across road


  • Stop for pedestrians behind the yield line
  • Make eye contact to ensure the pedestrian sees you
  • Wait until pedestrian completely crosses road before proceeding
  • Do not pass another stopped vehicle 
  • Drivers can be fined $365 and 4 demerit points for failing to stop at pedestrian crossovers

Crosswalks vs. pedestrian crossovers

Pedestrian crossovers are marked by signs and pavement markings. These crossovers may also have pedestrian-activated flashing lights. Below you will find more detailed descriptions of these roadway features.

Pedestrian crossovers

  • Always have “ladder” style stripes that mark the crossing area
  • Always have roadside signage that says “Stop for Pedestrians”
  • Always have pavement markings to show where vehicles and cyclists must stop
  • Sometimes have lights or overheads signage
  • Motorists must wait for pedestrians to cross the full width of the road before driving


  • Sometimes have “ladder” style stripes that mark the crossing area
  • Found at regular traffic signals, stop signs and school crossings
  • Motorists do not have to wait for pedestrians to cross the full width before driving

Pedestrian crossover locations

You will find pedestrian crossovers at the following locations in Brantford:

Future pedestrian crossover locations

Pedestrian crossovers are coming soon to the following locations in Brantford: