Tollgate Road Bike Lane Project

Connecting residential neighbourhoods

Our goal is to create an established cycling network to support a safer environment and encourage Active Transportation. Tollgate Road is identified in the City’s Transportation Master Plan (TMP)  as one of the many cycling corridors across Brantford. Other bike lanes that are proposed for 2022 include Balmoral Drive, Ewing Drive, and Ava Road. The bike lanes on Tollgate Road will provide a connection of these proposed facilities, as well as provide an east-west cycling route in Ward 2.

What will these changes look like?

Curb to curb road widths will remain the same-there will be no modifications to sidewalks or private properties. Traffic control at intersections along the corridor will remain the same.

Existing cross-section on Tollgate Road

The existing cross-section of Tollgate Road with 2 vehicle travel lanes in each direction each 3.5 metres wide.  The current cross-section of Tollgate Road consists of two 3.5 metre wide vehicle travel lanes in each direction . Cyclists have to share these lanes with motorists.

Proposed cross-section on Tollgate Road

The proposed cross-section of Tollgate Road with one vehicle travel lane in each direction each 3.3 metres wide and one bike lane in each direction each 1.5 metres wide and centre turn lane 3.3 metres wide

The proposed changes include one 1.5 metre wide bicycle lane and one 3.3 metre wide vehicular lane in each direction with a dedicated 3.3 metre wide two-way centre left turn lane. Additionally, buffer lanes will be installed to physically separate cyclists from motorists and create a safer and more comfortable cycling environment.

We want to hear from you!

Virtual public meeting - February 7, 2022

 A virtual public meeting was held on February 7, 2022, to review the projects planned for Ward 2. These projects include:

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