Legal Services

As the City’s in-house legal counsel, Legal Services provides expertise to The City of Brantford's Council, Commissions and Departments. Lawyers in the division provide comprehensive legal advice about many City services and operations, but do not provide legal advice to members of the public.

The Corporation of the City of Brantford now accepts service of documents electronically. We ask that all documents be provided in an electronic format to, and include the title of the proceeding, the file number and the name of the intended recipient in the subject line.

Please note that the City has not accepted service of any documents until you receive a reply e-mail message from the above-noted account, confirming that service has been accepted. Should you have any questions or require clarification with respect to this notice, please contact Customer Service at 519-759-4150 and request to speak with staff from Legal Services.

The City's Legal Services department also works closely with the Insurance and Risk Management department to provide guidance regarding policy implementation and processing of claims.