Customer code of conduct policy

The City of Brantford is dedicated to providing an accessible, welcoming and comfortable environment that respects all customers, visitors and staff. The City’s primary goal and approach to customer service is to explore and understand our customers’ requests and inquiries with the objective of providing responses and/or resolutions in a timely manner.

The Customer Code of Conduct Policy encourages more respectful interactions between the public and City staff/representatives. The Policy guides staff in identifying situations with members of the public that meet the criteria of vexatious, frivolous and/or unreasonably persistent behaviour, as well as the associated actions that may be undertaken in such circumstances.

The Policy also establishes a process detailing how incidents are to be reported and how the City will manage unacceptable conduct by customers. The City recognizes that determining whether an interaction or request is vexatious or frivolous is a flexible balancing exercise, and should consider all the circumstances of each unique case. The key determining factor is whether the request is likely to cause unreasonable distress or disruption to a member of City staff or a City representative, without proper or justified cause.