The City of Brantford designs and installs traffic control signals around the city and performs other traffic services.

Traffic calming

The City of Brantford installs physical traffic calming devices such as speed humps and curb extensions to address traffic safety issues. These devices help reduce poor traffic behaviours and patterns. It also improves road conditions for pedestrians. This process involves community support.

Request for traffic calming

You can request for traffic calming devices on any particular street by filling out City Request Form.  Your request will be reviewed in accordance with the City's  Traffic Calming Policy. A survey will follow, seeing if other residents approve. A positive survey will result in a report for City approval.

Traffic control signals

We design, install, and maintain the following traffic signals and components:

  • Vehicle signal heads
  • Pedestrian signal heads
  • Signal poles
  • Underground conduit
  • Detector loops
  • Audible pedestrian signals

Report an issue

We always appreciate the public's input in helping keep our roads safe  Please use the following forms to:

Bike lanes

Learn about our bike lanes and trails around the city.

Safety and traffic studies

The Transportation Services department, Brantford Police, local school boards, Brant County Health Unit and railway authorities work together to improve safety and efficiency on the roads. We investigate traffic control signals, lighting and stop control requests.

We collectively conduct the following studies to improve road safety and traffic:

  • Safety improvement studies find collision prone locations and recommend changes.
  • Operational studies find issues relating to regulatory and warning signs, intersection control, parking control and sight distance deficiencies.
  • Turning movement and automated traffic counts help us monitor high traffic areas.
  • Collision statistics help us create a Collision Statistic Report to identify collision history and identify and address contributing factors.
  • Speed zone studies help us identify speeding concerns and develop methods to reduce the operating speed on our roadways.