Accessible Transit

The City of Brantford has accessible buses.

Accessibility features

Brantford Transit buses have the following accessibility features:

  • Our buses have low floors to aid passengers with walkers, canes and other assistive devices.
  • Low floor buses also include folding ramps that are slip resistant.
  • Our buses can kneel to help passengers get on and off the bus.
  • Buses have colour contrasted grab rails, handles and LED signs.
  • Buses are equipped with lights for easy passenger movement.
  • We have audible stop announcements for each stop.

Brantford Lift

Brantford Lift is a service for registered people who cannot access the planned route transit service due to an accessibility issue. Our bus operators will assist you to board the bus. They will then help you secure your personal mobility aid. Please contact Brantford Lift to find out more information about our services.


We have accessible parking areas near the terminal located on Darling Street.