Fares and Prices

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All fees are correct as of April 1, 2016. Cash Fare payable with exact change. No bills or pennies are accepted. Drivers do not carry change.

  • Adult: $3.00
  • Seniors: $3.00
  • Student: $3.00
  • Child (5-12 years old): Free
  • Child (4 years old & under): Free
  • Canadian National Institute For The Blind: $1.75


B-Card orders can be placed directly with dispatchers.

The B-Card is an interactive smart card and is part of our new on-board fare collection system that Brantford Transit launched in December 2007. The B-Card is the same size as a debit or credit card. Drivers of Brantford Lift will have portable hand handle readers, customers simply hold the card over the tag zone to pay the fare. The portable reader recognizes what type of fare or pass is on the card and approves or denies the ride, electronically, in about a second.

Once you buy your first B-Card, you keep using the same card, week after week, month after month. Value is added to the B-card by either the staff at the Information Kiosk, the B-machine located at the downtown terminal (64 Darling Street, phone 519-756-5011), or your Brantford Lift driver will be able to reload your B-Card. The value that you wish to purchase will be added to your card at that time.

The new B-Card works by “passing” it over the B-Card tag zone area on the new fareboxes, that says “touch here”, in order for the tag zone reader to recognize your card.

There are three types of B-Cards used by Brantford Lift:

Disposable B-Cards

A disposable B-Card (can be filled with two rides): $2.90 per ride, Child at $1.70 per ride

Multi-Value Refillable B-Cards

A multi-value refillable B-Card requires a one-time $5.75 admin fee. A charge of $5.75 for replacement of lost or damaged cards.

Prices for Multi-Value Refillable B-Cards
Number of Rides Regular Price Child Price
10 Ride B-Card $24.50 $17.50
20 Ride B-Card $49.00 $35.00
30 Ride B-Card $73.50 $52.50
40 Ride B-Card $98.00 $70.00

31 Day B-Cards

A 31 Day B-Card provide a cardholder with unlimited rides for 31 days from the day of purchase. Please note that days are counted even if pass is not used. Passes require a one-time $5.75 administration fee. A charge of $5.75 applies for the replacement of lost or damaged cards.

  • Adult: $73.50
  • Senior: $55.50
  • Disability: $55.50 (Change to Affordability)
  • Student: $55.50
  • Summer Student: $64.00 (July and August only)
  • Canadian National Institute For The Blind: $39.00 (3 months)

One Day Passes

  • 1 One Day (weekday ONLY) Single-Rider Pass: $9.50 per day, Monday to Friday
  • 2 One Day (weekend ONLY) Multiple-Rider (up to 2 adults and 3 children) Pass: $9.50 per day, Saturday and Sunday

Brantford Laurier students

Students of Brantford Laurier have access to Brantford Transit with your Laurier One Card, September through April, to go anywhere Brantford Transit is offered. Brantford Lift services are also available for students who may require accessible transit services.

Applications for those who wish to be considered for this service are available at brantfordlift.ca or by calling 519-752-4444.