Community Safety Zones

Community Safety Zones (CSZs) are sections of roadway where public safety is of special concern and where higher collision patterns or vehicle speeds have been identified. These zones may include roadways near schools, daycare centres, playgrounds, parks, hospitals and assisted living residences. They may also be used for collision-prone areas within a community.

Community Safety Zone road sign

How the zones work

CSZs help to change driver behaviour, including reducing speed and distracted driving, and improving safety on certain sections of road where public safety is of special concern. CSZ signs are posted at the limits of the zone with "Begins" and "Ends" tabs defining the legal limits of the zone. The rules of the road don't change within these zones, but the penalties for violations are increased. Under the Highway Traffic Act, many set fines are doubled such as speeding and traffic signal-related offences.

Community Safety Zones in Brantford

We want to hear from you! The City is looking for suggestions to help determine potential locations for Community Safety Zones in Brantford.

Please visit and tell us if you think CSZs are right for Brantford and where you would like to a zone in the city.