Grant, Loan and Incentive Programs

Lead Financial Incentive Program: Grant and Loan 

The City’s Lead Financial Incentive Program offers a grant of up to a maximum of $1,500 and an interest-bearing loan not to exceed a maximum of $3,000 towards the replacement of private lead water service pipes. 

Private Sanitary Sewer Lateral Replacement Grant Program

The Private Sanitary Sewer Lateral Replacement Grant is a financial assistance program for City of Brantford property owners to help offset costs for the replacement of old sanitary sewer laterals on private property. This incentive program is offered to help property owners prevent or reduce the occurrence of sewer blockages.

Non-Profit Community Organization Grants

The City of Brantford Non-Profit Community Organization Grants Program was established to improve the well being of the community and its residents, through support of programming related to arts, culture, heritage, recreation, environment, health and human services. The City Grants Program is administered by the Brant Community Foundation (BCF).