In Canada, volunteers are an important part of our community. A volunteer is someone who chooses to help out in the community without pay.  Volunteering your time and skills is a great way to meet other people, add professional growth, and gain Canadian work experience.

Get involved in local government

You can attend City of Brantford Council meetings to learn about your local government. Get involved by applying to serve on a City board, committee or task force. 

Service clubs

A service club is a voluntary non-profit organization. Members meet regularly to do charitable work in the community. To find out more about Service Clubs in your area, contact Community Information Brant, Haldimand & Norfolk .


Networking is about meeting and connecting with people, especially for things like finding employment. Networking is also about learning new skills, meeting people that have similar interests, making new friends, and getting to know your neighbours.

Other places to volunteer

For more information about volunteering, visit: