Dog Services

Please note that in the City of Brantford, you must have a dog licence if you own a dog that's older than 3 months. Discounted rates are offered for spayed/neutered pets.

Make sure to keep your dog on a leash and clean up after your dog anywhere within the city.

Dog Licensing

All dog owners must register their dog(s) within 10 days of becoming the owner and renew this licence each year. Learn more about fees and additional regulations by visiting our pet licensing page.

Stoop and Scoop

All dog owners are required to remove and sanitarily dispose of any waste left by their dog(s) immediately. This rule does not apply to waste left by assistance dogs during the performance of their duties.

Pitbull Regulations

Special criteria apply to pit bull licensing, including control and sterilization. Read the City of Brantford By-Laws and the Dog Owner's Liability Act for the information you need to know about owning a pit bull.

Dog Bites

If you have been bitten by a dog, get medical assistance immediately. Report to the Brant County Health Unit at 519-753-4937 ext.470 and contact the Bylaw Enforcement Department at 519-759-4150. Reporting the incident ensures verification of rabies vaccination status. Rabies is fatal if left untreated.

Leash-Free Dog Park

Enjoy a visit to Dogford Park, where you can let your dog run freely. The park is open 7 days a week except for Tuesday mornings for grass cutting (seasonal).

Rules and regulations:

  • Clean up after your dog and dispose of waste properly
  • Fill any holes that your dog digs
  • Move around the park with your dog instead of staying near the gate
  • Have drinking water available for your dog

Using our gates:

  • Remove your dog's leash in the double-gated area before entering the park
  • Before entering with your dog, allow other dogs to leave the double-gated area
  • Close first gate behind you before you open the second gate