Low-Flow Toilets

Toilets account for most of your water usage. The City of Brantford encourages you to save water by reducing flushes per day and repairing leaks.

WaterSense labeled toilets

A WaterSense label guarantees high efficiency and less wasted water. Look for the WaterSense label on toilets and other household appliances. Learn about maximum performance testing for your home.

Low-flow toilet payback period

Low-flow toilets allow you to save both money and water.

These figures are estimates based on an average 2.4-person household:

  • Switching to a low-flow, 6-litre toilet will save you approximately 5,200 L/month and $18/month.
  • Switching to a low-flow, 3-litre toilet will save you approximately 6,300 L/month and $22/month.

Remember to check your toilet for leaks.

Small steps to reduce your bill

Reduce your bill with these changes:

  • Install a low-flow or dual-flush toilet to save water every time you flush.
  • Avoid unnecessary flushing. Don't flush items that can be put in the trash.
  • Replace or adjust the toilet flush handle if it is sticking regularly, as this causes water to flow constantly.
  • For toilets larger than 6 litres, place a water-filled plastic bottle to reduce the amount of water required to fill the tank.

Learn about replacing your old toilet.