The City of Brantford believes communities thrive when everyone has a place to call home. We work with our community partners to end homelessness by helping people find and keep a home where they feel comfortable, safe, and a part of their community.

We do this through a Coordinated Access approach that supports individuals experiencing or at risk of homelessness by assessing each unique situation and connecting them to Community Supports such as financial, social services, health, and support systems. We also assist individuals Find Affordable Housing by managing wait lists, working with housing providers and landlords, and by owning and operating community housing units.

We also formed the Mayors' Housing Partnership and Task Force in 2020, which is a partnership between the City of Brantford Mayor Kevin Davis and County of Brant Mayor David Bailey who are working collaboratively with stakeholders throughout the city and county to expedite the much-needed development of affordable housing in Brantford and the County of Brant.

If you would like to get involved and Take Action against ending homelessness, please reach out to