Zero Waste Brantford

We are pleased to provide the Zero Waste Brantford: City of Brantford’s Vision for Solid Waste, a guiding document outlining efforts to increase waste diversion from the landfill and promote more sustainable practices.

The vision outlines the priority goal of developing a waste management system where at least 70 percent of residential waste is diverted from the landfill by 2050 through waste avoidance, reuse, composting and recycling. Right now, the City of Brantford diverts approximately 34 percent of residential waste from the Mohawk Street Landfill through Blue Box recycling and other supporting programs and waste reduction activities.

Increasing waste diversion was identified as a Council Priority for 2021-2022, specifically mitigating the City’s environmental footprint and adapting to Climate Change. The approved vision will guide and support future decisions relating to the Solid Waste Program, help to identify specific actions, policies, programs, and possible partnerships with neighbouring communities and businesses in order to achieve similar waste reduction goals and to elevate the City’s overall residential waste diversion rate.

Over the next few years, we will be working towards implementing the goals identified in the vision. A thorough study will be conducted to prepare a final strategic plan that outlines specific goals and targets and highlights actions that can be taken to increase waste diversion. This process will include an opportunity for public consultation and community engagement.

 Project timeline

  • January 2022
    • Visioning plan and development report to Council
  • 2022 to 2023 
    • Preparation of visioning planning document and public consultation and community engagement roadmap developed to:
      • Reduce garbage
      • Increase blue box and yard waste diversion
      • Divert household organics
      • Undertake research on additional actions (for example, Climate Change, organics hub, path towards zero waste, etc.)
  •  2024
    • Presentation of recommendation and implementation report to Council on results of visioning process and consultation
  •  2025 to 2050
    • Strategic plan implementation
    • Public education
    • Monitoring plan targets and achievements
    • Reporting and updating
    • Reduce garbage set out to fewer than two bags per week
    • Reduce to bi-weekly garbage collection
  •  2050
    • 70 percent Waste Diversion Goal