Private Sanitary Sewer Lateral Replacement

The City of Brantford's Private Sanitary Sewer Lateral Replacement Grant can help you with the cost of replacing old sanitary sewer laterals on your private property. This helps to stop or reduce sewer blockages. The grant amount will be equal to 50 per cent of the cost of the work or $2,000 , whichever is the lesser.

Your application must be approved before any work begins.

Program eligibility

Payment of this grant is subject to funding availability.To qualify for the program, your property cannot be under a new construction warranty and you must:

  • Be the owner(s) of a property in the City of Brantford
  • Have paid all property taxes when applying for the grant
  • Have an existing sanitary sewer lateral

Make sure that you do not start replacing or relining of private sanitary sewer lateral before approval.

Application and approval process

Please send us a completed Private Sanitary Sewer Lateral Grant Program Application to apply.

Make sure to include itemized quotes from any contractors for the replacement (or relining) work. The quotes must include the installation of a cleanout unless one already exists that meets part 7 of the Ontario Building Code. Only contractors who are properly licensed to replace or reline sewer laterals are qualified to perform this work.

Drain clean-out requirement

There must be a sanitary building drain clean-out that meets the standards, or a contractor must install a new sanitary building drain clean-out or a two-way clean-out on the end of the lateral outside the building near the footings in order to receive the grant.

Payment process

After you're approved and have replaced the sewer lateral, a payment totalling 50 per cent of the paid eligible invoice amount (to a maximum of $2,000) will be made by direct deposit.

We will send the grant after we receive:

  • A paid invoice of work completed by the contractor, or paid invoices for materials and equipment related to the private sewer lateral replacement;
  • A satisfactory City inspection of the sanitary sewer lateral installation, or a satisfactory City inspection of a pre- and post-video of the sanitary sewer lateral before and after relining;
  • A completed electronic funds transfer form along with a void cheque.

Please note that grant approvals are subject to funding availability on a first-come first-served basis. They will only be valid for six months from the approval date and will expire if:

  • Work is not completed
  • We do not receive confirmation of payment for work completed
  • Sanitary sewer lateral replacement inspections are not satisfactory

We have the authority to extend the grant period and make any other changes necessary for the program's success.