Open-Air Burning

Recreational open-air burning is not permitted within the City of Brantford (see specific temporary exclusion for the boundary adjustment area). A small, contained fire, which is supervised at all times and used to cook food on a grill is permitted. This type of fire must be clear of any adjacent combustible material, buildings and property lines. The byproducts must not have a negative impact on neighbouring properties and the fire must be extinguished as soon as the cooking is completed.

Apply for an Open-Air Burning Permit.

Please note that if the Brantford Fire Department responds to multiple incidents of unapproved open-air burning at a property, an invoice will be sent in accordance with the City’s fees and charges bylaw to the property owner for any second and/or subsequent responses within a calendar year.

When Open Air Burning is approved
  • the property is located in the area of the City of Brantford as indicated in Schedule ‘C’;
  • the Open Air Burning is contained in a Fire Pit, which is no more than one (1) square metre in area; 
  • the Open Air Burning is at least 15 metres from any building, structure, hedge, fence, vehicular roadway of any kind or nature, overhead wiring or any property line, unless otherwise approved by the Chief Fire Official or within a site of a permitted campground; 
  • the Open Air Burning is at least five (5) metres from any object or material with potential to ignite; 
  • the perimeter of the Open Air Burning does not exceed the size of the Fire Pit; 
  • the Open Air Burning is attended, controlled and supervised at all times; 
  • steps are taken to ensure that smoke caused by the Open Air Burning does not have an adverse effect on the visibility of motorists using roads in the vicinity of the Open Air Burning; 
  • the owner or occupant takes steps to ensure that adjacent properties are protected and that the By-Products of the Open Air Burning do not have a Negative Impact; 
  • the Open Air Burning is not occurring on any road allowance or Municipal Property without written permission of the City; 
  • an effective extinguishing agent of sufficient size and with the capability of extinguishing the Open Air Burning is immediately available for use; 
  • the Open Air Burning is conducted in such a manner as to preclude the escape of fire or the escape of combustible solids such as sparks and ash from the Open Air Burning; 
  • the Open Air Burning is conducted in Appropriate Weather Conditions; 
  • the only materials being burned are those listed in Schedule ‘A’, forming part of this Article; 
  • the Open Air Burning is completely extinguished before the site is Vacated; and 
  • the Open Air Burning occurs prior to January 1, 2023. 
What do Negative Impacts mean?

The owner or occupant is responsible for ensuring that adjacent properties are protected and that the By-products of the Open Air Burning do not have a negative impact such as:

  • actual damage to property; 
  • actual damage to plant or animal life; 
  • harm or material discomfort to any person; 
  • impairment of the safety of any person 
  • loss of normal use of property; or 
  • interference with normal conduct of business. 
 What are Schedule 'A' materials?

 Only the materials listed below are allowed to be burned:

  • Wood and Wood by-Products that have not been chemically treated, painted or stained 

  • Paper and Paper Products 

Are gas, oil or propane burning appliances permitted?

Gas, oil or propane burning appliances, such as a fire table or patio heater, are permissible as long as:

  1. They bear an approved certification mark from the Technical Standards Safety Authority (TSSA).
    Click for a list of approved certification marks.
  2. They are for outdoor use.
  3. If assembled, they have been assembled according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  4. If installed, they have been installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.