Safe Needle Disposal

Needles and needle debris are a challenging issue for municipalities across North America. Together with our community partners, the City of Brantford is taking action to ensure that individuals in our community are as safe and healthy as possible.

People with specific health conditions and people with specific addictions use needles. The City of Brantford along with the Brant County Health Unit and St. Leonard's Community Services want to ensure that people who use needles can access safe disposal, and that stray needles and needle debris are dealt with promptly and safely.

The partnership has four key goals:

  • Raise community awareness about needle safety
  • Reduce the risk and prevent injury to the public, especially children, who find discarded needles
  • Provide more access to safe disposal of needles where the need exists
  • Ongoing tracking and evaluation to continuously reduce the number of discarded needles on our streets

Below is a list of 24-hour locations where needle drop boxes have been installed in the community:

  • Adjacent to Hope Pharmacy – 349 Colborne St. (NEW)
  • Brant's Crossing Park – 150 Icomm Dr. (NEW)
  • Side parking lot of Brantford Civic Centre - 69-79 Market St. (NEW)
  • Outside St. Leonard's Community Services, 225 Fairview Dr.
  • Outside St. Leonard's Community Services, 133 Elgin St.

Drop boxes can also be accessed during regular business hours at:

  • The Brantford Clinic – 205 Colborne St.
  • Towards Recovery - 95 Darling St.
  • Colborne Street Clinic – 349 Colborne St.

Report a needle found on public or private property.

To learn more about how to safely retrieve and dispose of discarded needles please call the Brant County Health Unit at 519-753-4937 or visit