Assisted Funeral Services

The City provides financial assistance on behalf of deceased Brantford-Brant residents who do not have sufficient funds in their estate to fully cover the cost of a basic funeral, burial and/or cremation. 

Contact a member of the Family & Income Stability team

Contact the Assisted Funeral Services Team to determine financial eligibility for an assisted funeral prior to making arrangements with a Funeral Service Provider.

Phone: (519) 759-3330 Ext. 6381
Hours: 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM
Email Assisted Funeral Services

Who can apply

Those who can apply include: next of kin, a relative, friend or professional associated with a person in receipt of OW, ODSP or low income in Brantford-Brant at that time of their death.

Police and/or Hospital/Long Term Care Centre representatives will notify the Regional Supervising Coroner if a deceased individual is unclaimed despite reasonable efforts to locate a potential claimant. The Regional Supervising Coroner will issue a written order directing the City to proceed with assisted funeral services.

Required Information (regarding the deceased)

  • Full name & address
  • Date of birth
  • Date of death
  • Place of death
  • Social insurance number
  • Marital status
  • List of assets (bank account details)
  • Life insurance/prepaid funeral
  • Source of income
  • Sponsorship arrangements (if applicable)
  • Next of Kin
  • Wills and executor(s)

Eligibility for assisted funeral services

Eligibility for assistance is based on the deceased individual's assets (for example, life insurance, property) at the time of their death.

  • If the deceased wasn’t single, the family unit’s assets will be considered
  • If the deceased is a minor child, the application will be based on the parent(s)/legal guardian’s eligibility
  • If the assets or life insurance policy exceed the allowable asset level for the family size, assistance will not be granted
  • The City must authorize services before a contract is signed
  • The City will not reimburse the cost of a funeral, burial or cremation after a contract is signed or services are carried out prior to the City's involvement and approval

Asset limits

Funeral assistance limits

Effective March 1, 2021

Assisted Funeral Service Maximums

  • Graveside Service $1,705.00
  • Memorial/Funeral Service $2,460.00
  • Crematorium $500.00
  • Cemetery $1,300.00

Assisted Funeral Service Provider - City of Brantford & the County of Brant 

Tranquility Burial & Cremations Services Inc.
276 St. Paul Ave., Brantford ON
N3R 4M8
(519) 757-1654

William Kipp Funeral Home Limited
184 Grand River St. N, Paris ON
N3L 2N1
(519) 442-3061
NOTE: Immediate disposition services only