Earth Day

 The 50th Anniversary of Earth Day is on April 22, 2020. Help us mark the occasion and join the Great Global Cleanup by organizing your own cleanup event between April 19 and April 25, 2020. 

Register your Brantford cleanup by April 1, 2020

We want to help you protect and restore our community: 

  • Select a cleanup location where you have noticed a lot of litter.
  • Register as a team or an individual and let us know where you will be focusing your cleanup efforts in the City. 
  • Free cleanup kits will be provided to registered participants.
  • Brantford Parks and Recreation will remove any collected garbage on City property (i.e. parks and trails). 
  • Free cleanup kits will also be made available to those wishing to register a cleanup on private property however; it will be the responsibility of any private property cleanup organizers to take collected garbage to the landfill.
  • Participants are also welcome to register their efforts with but are still required to register with the City of Brantford. 

Don’t forget to share your cleanup progress on social media and let us know how many bags of garbage you have collected using #EarthDay50,  #CleanBrantford and #TrashTag.

Registration Form 

Looking to participate in the County of Brant? Visit for more information.

Safety checklist

  • Ensure a responsible adult is present at all times to supervise any minors.
  • Avoid cleanups in any potentially dangerous areas including high traffic locations where there is limited vision of approaching traffic.
  • Participants should obey all signals and traffic lights and use intersections and marked crosswalks, where available.
  • Handle dangerous items such as broken glass or other sharp objects carefully to avoid injury. 
  • Use the flags and instructions provided in your kit to address any potentially hazardous materials found while cleaning. 

Frequently asked questions

Why should I register my cleanup efforts?
By registering, you will receive a free cleanup kit, make arrangements for the pick-up and disposal of collected waste and ensure that groups targeting the same cleanup locations can work together.
What if I want to clean private property?
We ask that you still register your efforts even if you want to clean private property. You will still receive a free cleanup kit but it will be your responsibility to properly dispose of any collected waste at the landfill. Be sure that you have the property owner’s permission first.
What if I want to participate but I'm not sure about a location?
Submit a registration form and staff will help you find a registered cleanup near you.
What is in my cleanup kit?
Cleanup kits include gloves, garbage bags, flags to identify any potentially hazardous materials and instructions should any such materials be found. Be sure to bring a pair of extra gloves with you.
What should I bring on my cleanup day?
Dress for the weather and be sure to bring extra gloves with you. You may also want to bring some light refreshments with you.
How can I share my cleanup progress?
Share your progress on social media with #EarthDay50 and #CleanBrantford and tell us how many bags of garbage you were able to collect.

The Brant Tree Coalition has cancelled the 9th Annual Brantford Community Tree Planting event that was to be held at Brantford’s Composting Facility (511 Mohawk Street) on April 19th as a precautionary measure to reduce the risk of community spread of Coronavirus COVID-19.