Site Alteration

The City of Brantford’s Site Alteration By-law was enacted to control large scale site alteration activities within the City, such as the alteration of the grade of land, the placing or dumping of fill and the removal of topsoil.

The following provides residents and the development community information on when a site alteration permit is required.

The requirement of a permit allows the city to ensure:

  • Existing drainage patterns are maintained;
  • Interference and damage to watercourses or water bodies is limited;
  • Water quality is maintained;
  • Erosion and sedimentation is prevented;
  • Unanticipated drainage and site alteration is prevented;
  • The use of hazardous and/or improper fill is prevented; and,
  • Natural heritage features such as wetlands, valley lands, and woodlands and areas of archaeological resources are protected.

When is a Site Alteration Permit Required?

A Site Alteration Permit is required for:

  • Physical change to a site through the placement or dumping of fill, the removal of vegetation, the removal of topsoil, excavation/movement of earth, compaction of soil, the creation of hard surfaces (driveway, houses, etc.), obstruction of drainage features, the modification of watercourses;
  • Work performed on private property that results in a change to grade, causing a blockage to a drainage course and potential flooding on a neighboring property;
  • Planning applications such as plan of subdivision and site plan that aren’t yet approved; and,
  • Use of public roads to haul fill.

A Site Alteration Permit is not required for:

  • Properties less than 0.405 hectares (also equivalent to 1.0 acre or 4050 square metres) in size;
  • The construction of a swimming pool on a residential lot. A pool permit is obtained instead from the Building Department ;
  • Minor gardening or landscaping projects;
  • Normal farm practices; and,
  • Development with proper Planning Approvals and Building Permits.

The permit application process

The applicant for a Site Alteration Permit should submit the following items when they apply:

 To apply for a final inspection and site alteration security release, please complete the online form.