Source Protection Plan

Source Water Protection Program

The City of Brantford is committed to the delivery of safe, high quality drinking water to the residents and businesses of our community. Brantford is located in the Grand River watershed. Brantford’s source water protection policies are part of the Grand River Source Protection Plan, which is in turn part of the Lake Erie Source Protection Region. The City of Brantford, the Grand River Conservation Authority and the Source Protection Committee invited residents, businesses and organizations to provide information about, and receive feedback on Brantford’s Source Protection Plan as it was developed. 

Salt and Snow Management

Road salt and snow plowing help keep our outdoor surfaces safe, but also impact water quality in the Grand River. Learn more by visiting our Salt and snow management page.

Grand River Source Protection Plan

The Grand River Source Protection Plan establishes the policies and programs for managing significant drinking water threats, and identifies:

  • the approach to policy development
  • who is responsible for taking action (the implementing body)
  • timelines
  • how progress will be measured

Brantford's Source Protection Plan

City staff, the Grand River Conservation Authority and the Source Protection Committee worked diligently to prepare Brantford's Source Protection Plan. The plan was locally developed and contains policies to either prohibit or manage activities that have been prescribed as significant drinking water threats in accordance with the Clean Water Act (CWA). 

Explanatory Document

The Explanatory Document provides background and rationale for selecting specific policy approaches to address the drinking water threats.

Terms of Reference

The Terms of Reference outline the steps taken to develop and implement a Source Protection Plan. It sets otu the roles and responsibilities of municipalities, Conservation Authorities, and the Ministry of the Environment, and includes all municipal water supply sources protected by the Grand River Source Protection Plan. 

Assessment Report

The Assessment Report is a science-based document that describes the study area, and identifies vulnerable areas.