Interment Options

Interment Rights

We offer interment burials and lots. When you purchase the right to use a lot for burials you are not purchasing land in the cemetery. These rights are called interment rights and you will receive a legal document called a Certificate of Interment Rights after your purchase.

Things to consider

You will need to consider the following if you wish to be cremated or buried:

  • Which cemetery you wish to be at
  • If you want a single lot or more
  • If you want a flat marker or upright monument

The flat marker and upright monuments options may differ depending on the location. Not all types of interment rights are offered at all of the cemeteries.

Interments (burials)

All funerals within the cemetery shall be under the direction of our staff. Interment orders from funeral directors will be interpreted as orders from rights holders.

Options for the interment of cremated remains

  • Interred in an existing family lot if consent is received
  • Interred in an in-ground cremation lot
  • Interred in a Columbarium (this is an above granite structure with individual niches for up to two urns)
  • The scattering of cremated remains on cemetery grounds is prohibited

Options for traditional casket interment

  • Interred in an in-ground lot
  • Interred in a mausoleum crypt


We offer mausoleum entombments at Mount Hope Cemetery

What you need to know

Please consider the following before an interment takes place:

  • A minimum of 24 working hours-notice is required from the interment rights holder or their personal representative before a grave can be opened.
  • Burial permit or certificate of cremated remains must be received by the cemetery office before the interment.
  • Proof of the “right to inter” in the requested lot must be provided to the cemetery office. (Contact the cemetery office for details about our requirements)
  • The Interment Rights Holder or the personal representative must enter into a contract for cemetery services in a form provided by the City of Brantford and submitted to the cemetery office.

Funeral hours

Funerals must be scheduled to arrive in the cemetery Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., or Saturday 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. only. There is an extra fee for funerals booked on Saturdays. We are closed for all statutory and civic holidays.