Rental Assistance

We are dedicated to helping people find an affordable place to call home. The City of Brantford provides programs for this purpose in addition to traditional social housing.

Rental Benefit Program

The Rent Benefit Program is a program providing subsidized rent in privately owned rental properties through an agreement with City of Brantford Housing Services. Some subsidized rents are provided through a rent supplement and some are provided as a portable housing benefit.

How the program works

Clients in this program pay an affordable rent based on their income. Those receiving a rent supplement benefit pay their landlord the rent Housing Services calculates, and we top up that rent to the full market rent for the unit paying the landlord directly. Clients receiving a portable housing benefit also pay an affordable rent but the top-up payment we provide can either go to the landlord directly or to the client. On average, there are more than 300 units in Brant County & Brantford receiving a rent benefit.

Tenant selection

Rent Benefit tenants are selected from the waiting list managed by Housing Services. Tenants who receive a rental benefit sign a standard lease with the landlord of the rental property. The landlord collects rent, maintains the building and provides the same services and repairs that exist with all other tenants in the building.

Landlord application process

Private landlords interested in this program must complete a Rent Supplement Landlord Application Form and submit it to the Housing Department. Click for a copy of the Landlord Application Form. Private landlords will need to provide the following information:

  • Type of building
  • Number of units
  • Age of building
  • Unit size
  • Monthly rent

City of Brantford Housing selects units for the Rent Supplement Program based on various factors including funding, availability and need. Rental units with very high rents, or units that offer luxury accommodation and amenities, are not selected. Before an application is approved, units are inspected and rents are negotiated. When the application is approved, the landlord enters into a Rent Supplement Agreement with City of Brantford Housing.


Portable Housing Benefit – Special Priority Policy (PHB-SPP)

Survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking can find affordable housing in the private rental housing sector through this program. Once approved as a Special Priority Policy (SPP) applicant, survivors of domestic violence and/or human trafficking can apply for this program.

How it works

The program will provide SPP households with the option to receive a portable housing benefit so they can find housing quicker than waiting for traditional social housing. The portable benefit is not tied to a particular unit and will move with the household.


To be eligible to receive PHB-SPP funding, households must:

  • Be on the City of Brantford's social housing waiting list and be included in the SPP category
  • Apply for the PHB-SPP program which is administered by the Province of Ontario
  • Ensure you file income tax returns every year after you start receiving the benefit