Emergency Preparedness

Emergencies happen when we don’t expect them. During times of emergency, there may be many people in need of assistance. It may take up to 72 hours for emergency services to reach you. It is important for residents to create an emergency plan to be prepared and stay safe during an emergency. Learn how to be emergency ready, and what to do during and after an emergency.

Before an Emergency

Gather your emergency supplies and get emergency ready

During an Emergency

Learn how you can stay informed during an emergency, as well as the difference between sheltering in place and evacuating.

After an Emergency

After any emergency, it is important to know what steps are involved in the recovery process. 

Types of Emergencies

Learn what to do in a power failure, flood or winter storm. Learn about some of the risks and how you can prepare.

Emergency Preparedness

Extreme Weather

Emergency preparedness tips for extreme weather caused by wind storms, tornados and extreme heat including areas in the city to seek shelter.