Transit is your real-time urban travel companion. Open the app to instantly see accurate next departure times, track buses and trains near you on the map. Use the trip planner to quickly compare trips - including options like bus and bike. Get alerted about service disruptions and delays for your favourite routes, and save frequently used locations for trip directions in a tap.

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Real-time data

The app uses the best transit agency data sources. It combines that data with an ETA prediction engine so that you get the most accurate real-time info possible for all transit.

Travel offline

Bus schedules, stop locations and even our trip planner are available offline.

Powerful trip planning

See fast and easy trips combining buses and trains – the app even suggests routes that combine multiple options in one trip like bus + bike or scooter. You’ll find great trip plans that you never even considered! Don’t like to walk a lot or use a certain mode or transit agency? Personalize your travel in the settings.

GO: the  step-by-step navigator

Receive departure alarms to catch your bus or train, and get alerted when it’s time to get off or transfer. When using GO, you’ll also crowdsource more accurate info and real-time ETAs for other passengers– and rack up points and thank-yous for being the most helpful rider on your line.

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