Master Servicing Plan

The City’s Master Servicing Plan was approved by City Council in October 2020 and filed for the 45-day review period from November 19, 2020 to January 4, 2021. The final post-review period revised version was posted in March 2021.

Post Filing Summary
Volume I – Executive Summary
Volume II – Plan and Policy
Volume III – Water Master Plan
Volume IV – Wastewater Master Plan
Volume V – Stormwater Master Plan
Volume VI – Public and Agency Consultation

As part of the 2020 budget process, Brantford City Council approved an amendment to the City’s Master Servicing Plan, to occur at the same time as an amendment of the City’s Transportation Master Plan. This amendment is being undertaken to accommodate the extension of the Provincial growth Horizon from 2041 to 2051 and to align the 2020 Master Servicing Plan Update with the City’s Official Plan.

The amendment will review in detail plans to 2051 and more broad implications beyond 2051.


The objective of the Study is to develop a comprehensive plan that will incorporate all facets of the management, expansion and funding of the water, wastewater and storm systems for the entire City to the year 2051 and beyond.

The Study

The City of Brantford is completing a Master Servicing Plan Amendment for Water, Wastewater and Stormwater services. The Study will develop a comprehensive plan that incorporates all facets of the management, expansion and funding of the City’s water, sanitary and storm systems to the year 2051.

The Study will provide the City of Brantford with strategies necessary to manage infrastructure improvements and growth in the most effective and efficient manner. The study will also identify the individual projects required to complement these strategies, and prioritize these projects based on need and required timing.

The Process

The Study Amendment will review the impacts of the additional growth amounts and locations for the 2051 horizon to the 2020 Master Servicing Plan Update strategies. Where adjustments are required, revisions will be made to the 2020 Master Servicing Plan strategies and an amended version will be posted for a minimum 30 day Public Review. The City is currently anticipating that the Public Review period of the amendment would commence in July/August of 2021. No Public Information Centres are currently planned for this amendment process. This amendment is being completed in accordance with the requirements of the Municipal Engineers Association (MEA) Class Environmental Assessment (EA) process for master planning (MEA, June 2000 as amended in 2007, 2011 and 2015).

We Want to Hear from You!

The City is requesting public input and comments regarding the 2020 Master Servicing Plan Update Amendment. Public comments received prior to and during the review period will be taken into consideration throughout the decision making process. If you wish to submit comments on the 2020 Master Servicing Plan or would like to be added to the project mailing list, please use one of the following methods:

Please note that information will be collected in accordance with the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. With the exception of personal information, please note all comments will become part of the public record.