Master Servicing Plan

The objective of the City’s Master Servicing Plan Update to 2051 is to provide a comprehensive plan that incorporates all facets of the management, expansion and funding of the water, wastewater and stormwater systems for the entire City to the year 2051. This document reviewed in detail plans to 2051 and more broad implications beyond 2051.

Master Servicing Plan Update to 2051

2051 Volume 0 - Summary of Changes
2051 Volume I – Executive Summary

2051 Volume II – Plan and Policy
2051 Volume III – Water Master Plan
2051 Volume IV – Wastewater Master Plan
2051 Volume V – Stormwater Master Plan
2051  Volume VI – Public and Agency Consultation

For more information on the block plan process referenced in the Master Servicing Plan please refer to the City’s Official Plan Review.