Official Plan Review

A new City of Brantford Official Plan is being prepared through the Official Plan Review process. It will replace the current Official Plan with updated land use policy and schedules (maps) to address the changing needs of the community and include the expansion lands (formerly part of the County of Brant) added to the City in 2017. The Official Plan and review process must conform to Provincial policy including the Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe which came into effect in May 2019.

Latest Update and Reports

The June 2020 Draft Official Plan, including all schedules (maps) and appendices, is now available for review:

In addition to the Draft Official Plan, the following documents are also now available for review:

Draft Comprehensive Block Plan Terms of Reference (Appendix B to the Draft Official Plan) – The Draft Official Plan requires completion of a Block Plan prior to the approval of development applications upon lands located within the proposed Block Plan areas, identified on Schedule 2 of the Draft Official Plan. The Draft Comprehensive Block Plan Terms of Reference has been prepared to outline expectations for Block Plan submissions and allow for efficient preparation and review. It sets out a process based on the minimum requirements to complete a Block Plan.

The Block Plan process is new to the City of Brantford. Further targeted consultation with landowners and consultants who would be subject to the new Block Plan requirements will occur over the summer months, prior to the finalization of the process and the Draft Comprehensive Block Plan Terms of Reference.

Draft Urban Design Manual – The Urban Design Manual provides a consolidated set of citywide urban design guidelines. It reflects the City’s commitment to good urban design and provides a consistent baseline for assessing development proposals on both public and private lands.

Draft Infrastructure Staging Report – The purpose of this report is to outline the required water, wastewater, stormwater and transportation infrastructure and community facilities necessary to support development within the Settlement Area expansion lands. It identifies further study requirements and implementation strategies through the planning process.

Submitting Comments:

The City welcomes comments on the June 2020 Draft Official Plan and the other draft documents listed above during the review period. Please submit comments no later than Friday, August 28, 2020 so they can be considered as the Draft Official Plan and accompanying draft documents are revised. Comments can be sent via email or as an attachment to an email addressed to Planning Staff:

Please address mailed comments to the attention of Alan Waterfield, City of Brantford Planning Department, 100 Wellington Square, Brantford ON, N3T 2M2.

Thank you to everyone who submitted comments on the Overview of Proposed Land Use Designations - April 2020 document, issued on April 29, 2020. Some of the comments received continue to be considered and addressed through the review of the June 2020 Draft Official Plan.

 Previous Reports

The preferred Settlement Area boundary expansion (Option 1) presented in Staff Report 2019-184 was endorsed by Council in April 2019. It is based on the evaluation of land use concepts within Settlement Area Boundary Expansion Options 1 and 2, contained in Municipal Comprehensive Review - Part 3: Preferred Settlement Area Boundary Expansion and Preliminary Land Use and Transportation Plan - Draft April 2019, and Appendices. Council reconfirmed the growth targets for intensification in the Built-up Area and density in the Designated Greenfield Area in July 2019 (Council Agenda and Staff Report 2019-408). Staff Report 2019-691 advised that the Province approved the City’s alternative intensification target request in November 2019.

The MCR Part 3 Report builds on the evaluation of Settlement Area boundary expansion options proposed in Municipal Comprehensive Review - Part 2: Settlement Area Boundary Expansion - Draft December 2018. The amount of land required to accommodate Brantford’s population and employment growth to the year 2041 was determined in Municipal Comprehensive Review - Part 1: Employment Strategy, Intensification Strategy, Housing Strategy and Land Needs - Draft December 2018, which also identified appropriate intensification and density targets.

Public Consultation Meetings

All are welcome to attend public meetings about the Official Plan Review. No meetings are currently scheduled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Watch this page for updates about previous meetings and future dates.

If you would like information regarding previous Public Information Centres that is not contained in the Reports provided above, or to discuss the Official Plan Review, please contact Planning Staff as noted above.


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