Grow your business

While taking the time to plan for a new business is important, it is just as important to maintain what you have already accomplished and ensure that you are following the right steps to growing your business.

Increasing your sales
Learn about marketing and sales techniques to increase your sales.
Hiring employees
This online guide will help you familiarize yourself with employer regulations in Ontario and the resources that are available for employers. 
Incorporating your business
It is important to consider the advantages and disadvantages of incorporation for your business.  
Keeping records
It is important to keep records of all your accounting and other financial information documents. Learn about what types of records your business requires at the Government of Canada website.  
Local Networking Opportunities
Legal issues for small business
Lawyers who specialize in business law can help you navigate complex transactions related to starting or expanding your business.
Register for an HST number
The Government of Canada website provides important information about when you must register for an HST number and when you can register voluntarily. 
Renewing your Master Business Licence
Be sure that your Master Business Licence is not expired. You can only complete a renewal if the Master Business Licence is still valid. You will also require the business identifier number on your Master Business Licence, so be sure to have it ready. Once complete, Service Ontario will mail you a renewed copy through Canada Post. To learn more, visit the Service Ontario website
Saving for Income Tax
There is a process of reporting earnings and paying income tax on your business’s profits. Learn more about business income tax reporting at the Government of Canada website. 

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