Permit Fees

Below is a list of permit fees for building and construction. Please note that the minimum permit fee is $105.00.

New constructions/additions


Group A – Assembly occupancies

$1.72 per square foot

Group B – Care, Care and Treatment or Detention Occupancies

$2.20 per square foot

Group C – Residential occupancies (except hotels/motels)

$1.14 per square foot

Group C - Hotels/Motels

$1.35 per square foot

Group D – Business and Personal Services occupancies

$1.56 per square foot

Group E – Mercantile occupancies

$1.10 per square foot

Group F – Industrial occupancies (except parking garages/farms)

$0.83 per square foot

Group F – Parking Garages

$0.58 per square foot

Group F – Farm Buildings

$0.38 per square foot

Miscellaneous construction


Interior finishing to previously unfinished areas

$14.50/$1000 of construction value

Alterations and renovations to existing finished areas

$14.50/$1000 of construction value

Retaining walls

$14.50/$1000 of construction value

Racking permits

$14.50/$1000 of construction value

Swimming pools/hot tubs






Change of use (no construction)


Occupancy of unfinished building


Tent permit (per site)


Hoarding permit


Moving permit


Foundation, structural steel or cladding permit


Demolition permit (<600 square metres)


Demolition permit (>600 square metres)


Permanent sign (per sign)


Portable sign or utility pole sign

$50/30 days)

Residential garage (detached)


Residential garage (attached)

$1.14 per square foot

Building site servicing

$14.50/$1000 of construction value

Plumbing work independent of building permit

$13.50 per fixture

Sewage system installation/replacement


Sewage system repair


When, in the opinion of the chief building official, the application does not fit into one of the above noted categories, a fee of $14.50 per $1000.00 of construction value will be charged.

Building permit fees

Building permit fees are paid when a building permit is applied for. Accepted methods of payment are cash, cheque or debit. 

Development charges

Development charges are adjusted annually and assist in financial capital projects required to meet the increased need for services resulting from growth and development. Development charges must be made prior to a building permit being issued. Please refer to our list of current development charges.

Other fees

Other applicable fees may apply if permits are required from other agencies such as the Grand River Conservation Authority, Ministry of Transportation, Electrical Safety Authority or if other planning applications or site alteration permits are being filed.