Taxi Licensing

Companies that book and arrange taxis, taxi owners and taxi drivers are required to be licensed in order to comply with our by-law.

Taxicab Licensing – Tariff Card CPI Adjustment

On June 26, 2018, City Council adopted amendments to Chapter 327 of the City of Brantford Municipal Code – Taxicab Licensing, which provided for tariff adjustments to be made annually in September, based on the Ontario Consumer Price Index (CPI).

An Ontario CPI adjustment of 2.6% to the meter rate on the tariff card will take effect September 18, 2023.

Taxicab licensing tariff rates 
TariffBase RatePer/km1km5km

Tariff as of September 18, 2023


$0.125 Per 1/20th km



 Types of licences

See below for more information on taxicab licence types and requirements.

Taxicab broker

A taxi broker accepts calls for taxicabs that are used for hire. View our list of currently licensed taxicab brokers.

The following is required for a taxicab broker licence:


  • New taxicab broker - $1000
  • Renewal taxicab broker - $132
Taxicab driver

Taxicab drivers are responsible for driving taxicabs.

The following is required for a taxicab driver licence:

  • Taxicab Driver Licence Application
  • A Police Vulnerable Sector Check completed before and within 60 days application date
  • A letter of potential employment
  • A photograph taken at the City Clerk’s for use with a taxi driver’s licence and an identification card (also required for renewals)
  • A driver abstract review


  • New taxicab driver - $72
  • Renewal taxicab driver - $49
Taxicab owner operator

Taxicab owners have taxicabs registered in their name.  

The following is required for at taxicab owner operator application:


  • New taxicab owner operator - $64
  • Renewal taxicab owner operator - $64