Taxi Licensing

Companies that book and arrange taxis, taxi owners and taxi drivers are required to be licensed in order to comply with our by-law

Taxicab Licensing By-Law Review

We value your input! The City is undertaking a comprehensive review of our Taxicab Licensing by-law and we want to hear from you. Visit this page for updates and to share your thoughts. Stay tuned for our Accessible Taxi survey, launching later in March, 2020!

Taxicab Licensing – Tariff Card CPI Adjustment

On June 26, 2018, City Council adopted amendments to Chapter 327 of the City of Brantford Municipal Code – Taxicab Licensing, which provided for tariff adjustments to be made annually in September, based on the Ontario Consumer Price Index (CPI).

An Ontario CPI adjustment of 0.4% to the meter rate on the tariff card will take effect September 21, 2020.

Taxicab licensing tariff rates 
TariffBase RatePer/km1km5km

Tariff as of September 21, 2020


$0.109 Per 1/20th km



 Types of licences

See below for more information on taxicab licence types and requirements.

Taxicab broker

A taxi broker accepts calls for taxicabs that are used for hire. View our list of currently licensed taxicab brokers.

The following is required for a taxicab broker licence:


  • New taxicab broker - $1000
  • Renewal taxicab broker - $132
Taxicab driver

Taxicab drivers are responsible for driving taxicabs.

The following is required for a taxicab driver licence:

  • Taxicab Driver Licence Application
  • A Police Vulnerable Sector Check completed before and within 60 days application date
  • A letter of potential employment
  • A photograph taken at the City Clerk’s for use with a taxi driver’s licence and an identification card (also required for renewals)
  • A driver abstract review


  • New taxicab driver - $72
  • Renewal taxicab driver - $49
Taxicab owner operator

Taxicab owners have taxicabs registered in their name.  

The following is required for at taxicab owner operator application:


  • New taxicab owner operator - $64
  • Renewal taxicab owner operator - $64