Customer Service Strategy

There are several ways to interact with the City of Brantford, including calling Customer Service support at 519-759-4150, emailing us at, completing an online service request, or visiting us in person at Brantford City Hall (58 Dalhousie St.) or other City facilities such as neighbourhood Community Centres.

The City of Brantford values our customers and is committed to providing excellent customer service in all aspects of our delivery of programs and services to the community. 

Our commitment in every customer interaction is to:

  • Serve all customers with professionalism, skill, and knowledge
  • Act with integrity and treat customers with dignity and respect
  • Treat customers fairly while complying with all our policies, by-laws and regulations
  • Ensure our services are accessible for all customers
  • Respond to customer requests in a timely, accurate manner
  • Identify ourselves to customers by using our first name and the department in which we work
  • Provide our service in the most cost-effective and timely manner possible
  • Be flexible while applying judgment and discretion
  • Serve the general public, fellow staff members and Council well
  • Be fair, honest and consistent
  • Be courteous and helpful
  • Be accountable to all customers and use feedback to improve our performance and service to our customers
  • Ensure all customer service guidelines, standards and processes are accessible to all
  • Measure and improve work processes by implementing innovative ideas, applying appropriate technology, training staff to be helpful and knowledgeable, and encourage teamwork among staff

While we are committed to enhancing customer service throughout our operations, customers may not always be satisfied with a service provided and should have the ability to express their issues or concerns to frontline staff providing the service.

Consistent with the City's Complaint Policy, customers are required to notify staff in the department providing the service of their dissatisfaction with the intent of reaching a satisfactory resolution. City employees will resolve issues or concerns of a customer to the best of their ability, working within established guidelines. If a customer is not satisfied with the handling of their complaint via regular customer service channels or by frontline staff, a formal complaint can be submitted.

Customer Experience Strategy  

The City of Brantford is growing rapidly, and so too are  expectations of residents to deliver a higher quality customer service experience.  We recognize that we need to evolve customer service delivery in the coming years to best align with resident needs and expectations.

In April, 2023, Brantford City Council approved the City's new "Customer Experience Strategy" to guide the City’s evolution of customer service delivery  over the next three to five years. The plan was informed by public input as well as a thorough review process of the way we provide customer service support, with the primary objective of assessing the quality of our existing customer service channels and implementing new best practices that align with residents’ current needs . Another objective of this project is to update the City’s Customer Service Standard as well as the City’s Customer Complaints Handling Policy and process.  These updates are expected to be complete in fall 2023. 

Our thanks to all of our residents and customers who continue to provide their constructive feedback to help improve our services.