Current Projects

Playground Renovations

Our department works hard year-round to update parks and playgrounds. Learn more about our playground renovation and rehabilitation program as well as our current and upcoming renovations and projects below.

Playground renovation and rehabilitation program

Did you know that our Parks and Recreation department has a playground replacement program? We update our parks and playgrounds continuously with fun and exciting new equipment. We also add new paved paths, benches, signs and trees. All these improvements help to make sure our playgrounds are inclusive, so everyone can enjoy them. The size and shape of each new playground depends on many factors. We work very hard to make sure that each playground design is the best it can be and residents have a chance to offer input. It takes two years to complete a new playground. In year one, the playground is planned and designed. In year two, the playground is built then opened for you to use.

How we decide which playgrounds are replaced first

We use a variety of factors in choosing which playgrounds will be replaced. The most important of these factors is safety. Our playgrounds are inspected monthly. Important things like broken metal, rust, unleveled decking, and safety surfacing are all looked at. Findings from these inspections help us figure out which playgrounds need to be replaced sooner than others. We try our best to make sure that one playground in each area of the city is replaced each year.

We understand that there are many playgrounds across the city that needs an upgrade. While the playground closest to you may seem old and outdated, there may be others outside of your area that need replacement first. We appreciate your patience as we continue to move through our replacement list. Please call or email us if you have any questions about a park near you.

Recent playground renovations

The following four parks completed in fall of 2018 are open for community use:

Playground renovations currently in the construction phase

The following parks will begin construction summer of 2019:

Please note: Recreation Park will now be delayed until 2020 - Please contact Parks & Recreation for more information.

Playgrounds currently in the design phase (construction will begin spring of 2020)

  • Recreation Park
  • Pleasant Ridge Park
  • Moose Park
  • Spring Street Buck Park
  • Devon Down Park

Be sure to check back for community open house information sessions and online survey opportunities coming in summer 2019.

We would love to hear from you. Please email or call us with any thoughts or ideas you have about the neighbourhood park playground project closest to you.

Tutela Park splash pad (160 Erie Avenue)

A new splash pad is coming to Tutela Park. The project has been designed and plans are underway for construction.

We are excited to share concept renderings of the new splash pad.

The design is inspired by the winding Grand River that flows through the Eagle Place Neighbourhood. The splash pad will include many different water features that are all fun and exciting in their own way. Using information collected from the community, we made sure that we included as many different features as we could. Each water feature will be different in its own way and the splash pad will include a variety of ground bubblers, ground sprays, a water spray tunnel, overhead sprays and dump buckets. This new splash pad will make for an awesome day in Tutela Park.

Construction is anticipated to begin fall of 2019 and the splash pad will be ready for play summer of 2020.

Mohawk Park accessible playground

We are excited to share that this accessible playground is being replaced in 2019 and we want to hear from you! Please send feedback by email or phone at 519-759-4150 ext. 5512.