Current Vendors

Meet our amazing vendors and learn more about what you can find at the market – like fresh produce, baked goods, handmade crafts, prepared meals, and much more! Our vendors are passionate about bringing you the best local produce and goods. Many of them have been at the market for years, and continue to create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for our market-goers.

If you are interested in becoming a vendor at the Market, please complete our Vendor Application Form. We accept applications for year-round and seasonal vendors.


Belle Florals

Belle FloralsOwned by the talented Sarah Evans, specializing in custom bouquets and arrangements for every occasion, Belle Florals is here to add a touch of floral magic to your life!

Brantford Finders Keepers

Boutique and DIY studio also sell freshly refreshed furniture, natural pieces to paint yourself, home décor and teach hands on step by step DIY classes.

Deb’s Tupperware

Debbie has been a staple at the market for years and her products have become a household name for many of our customers.

From storage containers to kitchen gadgets, Debbie’s Tupperware products are top-notch and perfect for anyone looking to organize their kitchen or simplify their meal prep. With her knowledge and passion for Tupperware, Debbie can help you find the perfect solution for your needs.

Little Wing Creations

Little Wing CreationsOwned by the talented Graham Beam.

Graham has been a vendor at the Brantford Farmer’s Market for seven years and is located at the east end of the market. His booth is hard to miss! He creates beautiful and unique hard craft bird houses and feeders, lighthouses, dog houses, cat houses and beds, little libraries, and even custom blends bird seed to attract your favorite feathered friends.

Graham’s passion for bird watching and his love of woodworking are evident in every piece he creates. But it’s not just about the beautiful creations at Little Wing Creations. Graham loves being a part of the Brantford Farmer’s Market because “it’s all about seeing old friends and making new ones”.

Jim The Woof Man
Jim The Woof ManJim, the dog-loving artisan behind the paws-itively amazing dog feeding bowls. Each bowl is crafted with love and care, ensuring your furry friends dine in style crafting canine delight for 2 years at Brantford Farmers’ Market.
Serendipity By Crafty

Serendipity By CraftyFor over 20 years, this stall has been a haven of creativity and community. It all started with jewelry-making and has evolved into knitting, crocheting, beadwork, and more.

Nancy offers exclusively handmade products, ranging from kitchen handtowels, scrubbees, and dishcloths to cozy accessories and stress balls. The stall even features beautifully crafted 18” doll clothes, Barbie doll attire, and other accessories, all meticulously crafted with care and attention to detail.
With the changing seasons, their collection transforms as well. During the colder months, they present handmade mitts, scarves, and toques. Throughout the year, their selection expands to include baby outfits, blankets, and an array of crocheted wonders.

As they say, the Brantford Farmers’ Market is more than just a place to shop – it’s a space of connection and care, celebrating births and standing resilient in the face of challenges.

Shungite Jewelry n Things 

Authentic hand crafted crystal and gemstone jewellery

Soulfill Candles
Soulfill CandlesHomemade candles with love.  100% soy candles by Kathleen. 

Bakery and Confections

Harmony Pastry Shop

Harmony Pastry ShopEstablished since May 1984 in Simcoe, Harmony Pastry Shop and Cafe was born from the dream of Ed and Rosemarie to showcase Ed's exceptional baking talents, with his iconic Black Forest cake paving the way. Fast forward to today, and the tradition lives on as the next generation takes the reins.
Susan, Christina, and Orrie, the Meyhack daughters and son-in-law, have been serving up fantastic treats at the Brantford Farmers' Market since April 1995. They have beautifully expanded the menu to include sit-down breakfast and lunch options alongside ever-popular favourites like potato buns, raisin buns, tarts, eclairs, and so much more.

Pete's Bake Shop
Pete's Bake ShopFor seven years, Judith, the talented vendor from Pete's Bake Shop, has been enchanting us with the best baked goods. Perfectly crafted raisin bread and buns, cookies, divine pies, traditional Dutch goodies, and irresistible sausage rolls. And let's not forget their seasonal masterpiece: the fruit cake that will leave you speechless.
Original Gourmet Popcorn

Explore over 40 irresistible popcorn flavours! From their signature Kettlecorn to cheesy, caramel, and dill.
They left their full-time jobs to pursue their passion, now bringing joy to popcorn enthusiasts at 4 local markets. Plus, they offer wholesale and fundraising programs to spread the deliciousness further. Since 2013 at the Brantford Farmers’ Market.

Sweet & Savory Scratch Made Perfect

Sweet & Savory Scratch Made PerfectVariety of savory and sweet pastries, from pies to cheesecakes.

 Fruits and Vegetables

Bowman's Produce

Bowman's ProduceAs a proud family-owned brand, we have been the heart of quality fruits and vegetables since our grandfather laid the foundation in 1935. From crisp apples and tender celery to vibrant carrots and sweet corn, from juicy peaches and succulent plums to crisp cucumber. Boeman's Produce is your local one-stop-shop for top-tier produce.

Dan The Mushroom Man

Dan The Mushroom ManDan the Mushroom Man: 80 Years of Greenhouse Excellence! Proudly rooted in a family tradition of market gardening, Dan brings 53 years of expertise to Brantford Farmers Market. He sells mushrooms, potatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes, aspargus, strawberris, blueberris, peppers, honey, tortilla chips, peanuts, carrots. Dan prioritizes freshness, quality, and fair prices.

Hearts Content Organic Farms
Stay tuned for more information about this vendor.
Maple Point Farms

Maple Point FarmsMaple Point Farms, where Paul, with a lifetime in the ag industry, has made fresh produce a year-round reality and its third generation within the family. For the past two years at the market, Paul and his daughter have been offering a bounty of freshness, from lettuce and kale to romaine, microgreens and much more. Discover our most sought-after products, including broccoli microgreens, smoothie mix microgreens, and beet microgreens.

 Meat and Cheese

Huzul Meats
Huzul MeatsEstablished 1920, specializing in smoked kielbosie and bacon. 103 years at the Brantford farmers market. Also sell steaks, ribs, sausages, hamburg…
Jensen Cheese

Jensen CheeseA third generation family-owned business that takes pride in manufacturing award-winning cheddar and variety cheese. Their factory, the Wilton Cheese Factory, has been churning out top-quality cheese for over 80 years.

You can find Jensen Cheese's booth right beside the north entrance, where they have been a staple since 1936. Their 100% Canadian whole milk cheddar is naturally aged and GMO-free, and their variety of other cheese, including Colby, Marble, and hot pepper flavoured Farmer's Brick.

Supporting local businesses like Jensen Cheese is essential to understanding where our food comes from and ensuring the safety and wholesomeness of the products we consume. As a family-owned and operated business, Jensen Cheese takes great pride in producing artisan, finely-made cheese for families in the community.

Mandioca Cheese Pops

They specialize in making delicious Brazilian-style Cheese Pops, and we can't wait for you to try them out!

Made with the finest locally sourced cheeses, Mandioca's cheese pops are crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside. They are the perfect snack for cheese lovers and are sure to leave you wanting more.

The Specialty Spot

The Specialty SpotWith a love for food they bring you a variety of creative meat treats and sausage flavors

The Tipperary Bog

The Tipperary BogSince its establishment in 2010, Nadine's mission has been to introduce both local and international artisanal cheese to the Brantford community. Her contagious passion for these high-quality products is truly remarkable, and her unwavering dedication to providing a wide range of options is nothing short of inspiring. As you step into her inviting stand, you'll be greeted with a warm smile and a tantalizing selection of cheeses, ready-made meals, and gourmet products that are sure to delight even the most discerning of palates.

But it's not just the delicious food that makes the Brantford Farmers Market so special. It's the sense of community that you'll feel as you wander the stalls, chatting with vendors and discovering new and exciting products.

Nadine has said that visiting the market is a cherished childhood memory, and it's heartwarming to see new generations of families continuing that tradition today.

Townsend Butchers

Townsend ButchersThe go-to family-run butcher for quality, tasty meat. The business was started by Keith and Steph's grandfather and his brother in 1972, and they're proud to continue their legacy.

Townsend Butchers does all their own slaughtering and processing to ensure every product meets their high standards. They offer a range of fresh and frozen meats including beef, pork, chicken, buffalo, lamb, goat, fish, and occasionally venison. Plus, they have a large selection of homemade RTE products like lunch meats, bacon, kielbasa, weiners, and pepperettes.

Outdoor Vendors

Gallant Farms
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Goncalves Flower Farm
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Hookin Away
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I Got Scrunchies
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Scotview Orchards
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Prepared Foods

Blue Gables Acres
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Florcita's Latin Foods

Florcita's Latin FoodsFlor and Roberto are the heart and soul behind Florcita's Classic Latin Foods. They embarked on a culinary journey 14 years ago when they started by volunteering with the "Latin-American Village." Inspired by their passion for Latin cuisine, they decided to share their love for delicious food with the community at the farmers' market.

Each dish is lovingly prepared at home, ensuring that every bite is bursting with authentic Latin flavours.
Their mission is simple: to provide delicious homemade food at a reasonable price, so everyone can experience the joy of Latin flavours.

Herb's & Things

Herb's & ThingsHerb's & Things, where Danny have been curating a delightful selection for 19 years. From fresh herbs to Hewitt's milk, organic options, and European-style pretzels, our offerings embody quality and variety. Explore a full rack of global spices, an array of butter, and diverse juices. Seasonal delights like green onions, eggnog, and apple cider await. Danny believes shopping locally builds stronger community connections. "Here, customers are friends."

Jamadian Patties Plus

Jamadian Patties PlusJamadian Patties Plus was created by as a foundational investment for our son Price Hayzen, who was diagnosed with severe Autism Spectrum Disorder, at the age of 2.Their main focus is Jamacian patties. 4 Main flavors are:Beef (mild or spicy), Curried Chicken, Spicy Jerk Chicken and Vegan/Vegetarian. They also diversify in other seasonal featured options, such as cakes, soups, icecream, ready to go frozen food packages and other traditional Jamaican products.

Karl's Schnitzel and Sausage House

Karl's Schnitzel and Sausage HouseKarl's Schnitzel and Sausage House, a family legacy spanning 54 years from the visionary Karl to the dedicated Chrissy. Nestled beside the seating area, we've been part of the Brantford Farmers’ Market for over five decades, starting with Chrissy's grandfather in 1969. Having worked at the market since the age of 14, Chrissy continues the tradition of offering traditional German sandwiches and homemade delights crafted from family recipes. From the Octoberfest sausage to the Schnitzel on a bun, homemade soup and perogies.

Mexican Cravings

Mexican CravingsMexican Cravings by Thannia: Delighting in delectable tacos, street corn, esquites, and the heavenly tres leches. Freshness is the secret ingredient that Thannia swears by!

Raw Carrot

Raw CarrotRaw Carrot was established in 2014 in Paris, Ontario, and has been a vendor at the Brantford Farmers' Market since April 2021.

They sell handcrafted gourmet soups, including vegan and gluten-free options, that are ready to thaw, heat and eat. Some of their most popular soups include the Signature Carrot and Flying Noodle, but be sure to keep an eye out for their ever-changing Soup of the Month too.

The Raw Carrot is also a social enterprise that provides meaningful employment and livelihood security to individuals in our community. When supporting The Raw Carrot, you're not only supporting local farmers and growers, but you're also helping to provide a "hand up" to individuals who may be facing barriers to employment.

You can find The Raw Carrot's booth at the Clarence St. end of the Brantford Farmers' Market. Stop in to say hello to Rita, a valuable volunteer who manages the volunteers, staff, and sales at the Market. To learn more, visit

Seventh Coffee Company

Seventh Coffee CompanyFilling every bag with quality product is what we do. From single bean to coffee carafe and finally into your cup, our coffee will always be smooth, delicious, and just that little bit extra. That’s a promise.