Neighbourhood Ice Rinks and Skating

City of Brantford neighbourhood ice rinks are run with the help of valued volunteers-Flood Heroes. To ensure safe conditions for skating, City staff will monitor and inspect each location frequently throughout the winter season. Residents are reminded to stay off frozen stormwater ponds. Water levels and flows change rapidly making skating and other activities on these water bodies extremely dangerous. Run-off of road salts into these ponds also makes the ice thinner and weaker. Learn more at  

Skating hours

Ice rinks are open daily from dawn until 11:00 p.m. weather permitting or unless otherwise indicated in the chart below.

Find a community rink near you and check if it is currently opened or closed (based on weather and skating conditions) below. 

Locations and open or closed status

There are several ice-skating opportunities in the community that are in addition to the ice rink at Harmony Square located in Downtown Brantford . Neighbourhood ice rinks are natural ice rinks. On rainy or warmer days, the ice rink may close without notice. The rink status below is updated daily, Monday to Friday, throughout the winter season. Some locations have more than one ice rink. One may be used for recreational skating, and the other for hockey play. We kindly ask the community to please share space when needed if only one of the two rinks are open. We appreciate everyone's cooperation so everyone can enjoy outdoor recreation. 

Please note that Brier Park, Cedarland and James Hillier are closed during school hours.

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Outdoor rink open and closed status
Andrew Pate 85 Viscount Road Closed
Anne Good Park 50 Allensgate Drive Closed
Brier Park 45 Winding Way Closed
Cedarland Park 160 Ashgrove Ave Closed
Centennial Park 39 Ellenson Drive Closed
Charlie Ward Park 220 Darling Street Closed
Cityview Park 184 Terrace Hill Street Closed
Devon Down Park 70 Abigail Avenue Closed
Donegal Park 70 Donegal Drive Closed
Grandwoodlands Park 20 Baxter Street Closed
Greenbrier Park 3 Scotia Avenue Closed
Iroquois Park 19 Iroquois Street Closed
James Hillier/Hillier Heights 62 Queensway Drive Closed
Lincoln Square 47 Lincoln Avenue Closed
Lynden Hills Park 363 Brantwood Park Road Closed
Mohawk Park 51 Lynnwood Drive (park off Forest Road) Closed
Moose Park 40 Webling Street Closed
Pleasant Ridge Park 20 Elderwood Avenue Closed
Prince Charles Park 77 Herbert Street Closed
Seneca Park 2A Seneca Crescent Closed
Spring Gardens Park 17 Dogwood Drive Closed
Tutela Park 160 Erie Avenue Closed
Westdale Park 24 Alexander Drive Closed

Rules of conduct

Neighbourhood ice rinks are possible due to the generous support of community volunteers. The rinks are unsupervised. The City of Brantford does not assume any liability for the use and/or misuse of each rink. Users are asked to please abide by the following rules of conduct at all times.

There is the risk of injury associated with the activity of ice-skating and playing ice-hockey. Persons who use the ice rinks do so at their own risk. Questions and/or concerns regarding these rules can be directed to 519-759-4150. In the case of an emergency, please call 911.

  • Helmets are strongly recommended
  • Vehicles are strictly prohibited in the park
  •  Refrain from bringing food or drink on the ice surface
  • Smoking, vaping or consuming alcohol in the park is not permitted
  • No horseplay or raising of pucks
  • Do not carry a child while skating
  • Check ice surfaces prior to starting any activity to ensure it is safe for use. Look for debris on the ice surface such as broken glass
  • Ice may not be suitable at all times due to weather conditions. Obey signs posted indicating whether there is skating or no skating allowed
  •  Ice-hockey is only permitted on designated ice rinks. Hockey nets are not provided. Should you bring a net you acknowledge that you are accepting the known risks and hazards of using this equipment.
  • The use of hockey sticks, pucks and balls are prohibited on pleasure skating rinks
  •  Stay off the ice during inclement weather to minimize the risk of injury to yourself and damage to the ice surface
  • Report any misconduct and hazardous conditions to a community volunteer or by calling 519-759-4150

Be a Flood Hero

Neighbourhood rinks cannot operate without the efforts of our amazing volunteers who keep them operating throughout the winter months. Please consider being a Flood Hero to give back to your neighbourhood to support valuable outdoor recreation opportunities in the winter season. Please call us at 519-759-4150, ext. 5070 for more information. 

Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Rink flooding
  • Rink set-up and take-down
  • Snow removal