Reimagining Arrowdale

On December 17, 2019 Brantford City Council voted to direct staff to dispose of the  City owned lands currently known as the Arrowdale Municipal Golf Course to fund much needed affordable housing within the municipality. The sale of the Arrowdale lands provides a substantial capital foundation to create much needed, sustainable affordable housing in our community. The proceeds from the land sale combined with ongoing tax revenues, creative financial planning, partnerships with non-profit housing sectors and federal and provincial funding streams have the potential to result in over 470 units of affordable, sustainable, mixed income housing options for the residents of Brantford and Brant over the next 10 years.

New 17-Acre Community Park

Council’s decision also directed that a large portion of the lands be retained for a community park, that will be accessible to the public year-round and designed in close consultation with the community.

As a community park, this unique development will service the immediate neighbourhood but given its scope and scale, it will also the broader community and provide enhanced amenities and park features beyond what is normally found in a typical neighbourhood park.

The City of Brantford is excited to begin the design and development process of the new community park that will not be gated, require no fees or a membership, and will make the parklands accessible by all residents free of charge, every day year-round.

Reimagining Arrowdale

We want to hear from you

Play, exercise, explore, relax…all of the above?

In order to create a park that is reflective of the community, we need your input! While the City is unable to host in person meetings at this time, numerous opportunities for residents to provide input and feedback will be available throughout the design process:

Overview of the Community Engagement Process

Community input is important to ensure that the Arrowdale Community Park design includes spaces, amenities and programming to meet the needs of surrounding residents and future park users. The engagement process will include 4 stages; 3 in which the community will have the opportunity to provide input on multiple platforms. Each stage will include the following:

  1. Presentation of project material for review by the community
  2. Opportunity for community input through multiple platforms (online, in writing or over the phone)
  3. Synthesis of community feedback and received information summary posted online.
  4. Use of community feedback to formulate project material for the next stage in the design process

Opportunities for the community to gather virtually will be explored so that members of the public have the opportunity to ask questions of staff and the design team in real time. If possible, in person meetings may also be initiated.

Reimagining Arrowdale

Stage 1: Design Exploration (Completed August-September 2020)

Play, Relax or Explore. Stage 1 is complete and we are one step closer to an all access community park in the Arrowdale neighbourhood.

Thanks to the hundreds of residents who completed the first online survey! We received an overwhelming response and thank all who participated for your valuable input. 462 responses were submitted including 459 online and 3 on paper. We are pleased to share this public engagement summary of results that illustrates a number of great ideas and constructive feedback that will inform the first stage of the design exploration process. 

Stage 2: Concept Development (January 2021)

In Stage 2, three park concepts will be developed and shared with the community for feedback. These concepts will explore the different elements preferred by the community and where they may be best suited on the site.

Residents will have the opportunity to review each concept by sharing your thoughts in an online survey or by letter, phone or email. Feedback received from the community in this stage will help and inform the design team to finalize a preferred concept design that will be shared with the community for additional input in Stage 3.

Stage 3: Preferred Concept Refinement (February 2021)

In this stage, a preferred concept plan will be developed based on feedback from Stage 2 community outreach. We will use the feedback received on all 3 park concepts of stage 2 and create one consolidated concept. This preferred concept will include park amenities to be included in the final design shown in the location that best functions with the space.

Residents will have the opportunity to review the preferred concept by sharing your thoughts in an online survey or by letter, phone or email. Feedback received in this stage will inform adjustments to the preferred concept and result in the final park design.

Stage 4: Final Design (March 2021)

With community consultation completed, we will compile feedback received during stage 3 and make the final changes to the park design. The final park design will be posted for community review and presented to City Council. Following this, detail design and specifications for construction will be initiated.