Community Gardens

Our community garden program is free and a great way to get involved. We have many gardens around the city that always need extra help and are part of a group effort.

Garden locations

The following 14 gardens are located throughout Brantford. Check out our garden locations map to find a community garden near you. 

Cedarland Park (160 Ashgrove Avenue)

Email Jenn Harrison Garden Champion

Charlie Ward Park (220 Darling Avenue)

Email Tyler Andrews Garden Champion

Earl Haig Family Fun Park (101 Market Street North)

Email Ben Strasser Garden Champion

Greenwood Park (235 West Street)

Email Wendy Hill Garden Champion

Johnson Park (10 Hansford Drive)

Email Andrea Tayler-Coombs Garden Champion


This spring, Equal Ground Community Gardens in partnership with the City of Brantford will be reinstalling the community garden in Johnson Park. The garden will be in a new location and will have a new look! A water service will be located nearby which will also accommodate a new neighbourhood rink site as directed by City Council in 2021. The garden planting will take place on May 28, 2022.

Lynden Hills Park (363 Brantwood Park Road)

Email Cheryl Antoski Garden Champion

Princess Anne Park (17 Helen Avenue)

Email Terry Ciona or email Susan Zuidema Garden Champions

Robert Moore Park (115 Albion Street)

Email Susan Walters Garden Champion 

Spring Gardens Park (17 Dogwood Drive)

Email Katie Brown Garden Champion 

Spring Street Buck Park (59 Spring Street)

Email Markus Schneider or email Caitlyn Schneider Garden Champions 

Get involved

Everyone is welcome to join. Please call or email us if you would like to be a part of a garden near you.

How it works

Each garden site has a garden champion. This person works with other volunteers to decide what to plant each year. Everyone works together to care for the produce that is grown. You can harvest what you need once fruits and vegetables are ready to eat. Any leftover produce is donated to a local shelter.

Individual plots are not available for rent however, the City has partnered with the Equal Grounds Community Group (EGCG) who do have additional options.

Request a new location

If you want a new garden in your area and are willing to be a garden champion, please call us or email us.

Community garden partners

EGCG is a group of volunteers that help run garden sites. EGCG has been growing food for the community for many years and care for many different gardens in Brantford. You can find a complete list of EGCG gardens and options below.

Individual plot community gardens
You can grow produce on your own in a personal plot of land at the following locations:
  • Grey Street Organic Community Garden - 452 Grey Street
  • Hope Christian Reformed Church - 64 Buchanan
Communal gardens
The following are group gardens and are not available as individual plots:
  • Brant and Lorne Towers - 5 Ford view Court
  • Brantford Fire Hall #3 - 7 Lynden Road
  • Brantford Police Station - 344 Elgin Street
  • GELA - 365 Rawdon Street
  • Princess Elizabeth School - 60 Tecumseh Street
  • Salvation Army - 33 Diana Ave
  • Senor Resource Center - A2-783 Colborne Street
  • United Way - 125 Morrell Street
  • Woodview Mental Health and Autism Services - 643 Park Road North
 Pay it forward gardens
Free produce is available from these residents' front gardens.
  • Andy Tonkin - 178 Albion Street
  • Cheryl Antoski - 359 Brentwood Park Road