Important Notices

Free drop-in Yoga in the Park

Residents are invited to drop-in for a relaxing yoga session in the park and breathe in the fresh air and focus on their mind and body wellness. Classes will be offered Wednesdays from September 14 to October 5, 2022 from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at Spring Street Buck Park, located at 59 Spring Street. All ages and levels are welcome and limited yoga mats will be available. Classes may be cancelled due to poor weather. 

Playground renovation community consultations

Please join us for an upcoming community open house to share your ideas and suggestions for upcoming playground renovations:

  • None at this time. Stay tuned for updates and subscribe to this page.

Current closures

Stay tuned for updates and subscribe to this page below.

Giant Hogweed 

Giant Hogweed is an Asian plant that was brought to North America about a century ago and is now spreading throughout southern Ontario.

It can be hazardous to human health. Giant hogweed sap will make a person's skin extremely sensitive to sunlight. Contact with a plant, followed by exposure to the sun, can cause severe burning and blistering. If sap gets into your eyes, it can lead to

If sap touches your skin 
  • wash the affected area immediately with soap and water
  • keep the affected area out of the sun
  • see your doctor if you have a reaction 
Hogweed lookalikes 
Giant hogweed is part of the carrot family and can sometimes be confused with other common plants such as cow parsnip and angelica. This giant hogweed fact sheet compares giant hogweed to other species. 
Giant hogweed on City properties 

Giant hogweed has been found on City property in a few locations. The City has a removal protocol to eliminate giant hogweed from its property, but it is a persistent species that is difficult to remove. Options for removal include spraying a herbicide or digging it out. City staff take strict safety precautions when dealing with hogweed. 

What to do if you spot giant hogweed 
  • If you spot giant hogweed on a city property, such as a park or open space area or along a trail contact Parks at 519 759-4150.
  • If you spot giant hogweed on your own property, private land, a municipal park or other areas such as along a riverbank or stream, contact your local municipal weed inspector. 
Hogweed Resources

Leash and pick-up reminder

Please leash and pick up after your pet, it's the law! Pets must always be on leash in all parks and open spaces. If you would like to enjoy a beautiful day with your dog off-leash, please visit Dogford Park

Smoke-free Brantford Clean Air By-Law

As outlined in Brantford’s Smoking – Clean Air By-law, there is no smoking of tobacco or cannabis and no vaping on City property.

That means no smoking or vaping at: 

  • City-owned administrative buildings, including parking lots
  • City-owned golf courses
  • City-owned recreation centres
  • City-owned sports facilities
  • Parks
  • Sidewalks on City building property or within a public park
  • Trails

For resources to quit smoking, please visit the Brant County Health Unit website.