Newcomer Stories

Telling Our Stories: Voices of New Canadians in Brantford

The Brantford Immigration Partnership (BIP) invites new Brantford residents who have moved to Canada within the last 15 years to share their written and/or video story highlighting their newcomer experiences. 

Stories can be provided in any language and must be 200 to 400-words to receive a free $25.00 gift card, while supplies last, as a token of appreciation for participating in this campaign. Videos can be filmed with a video camera or using your smartphone preferably in landscape mode and MP4 format. 

Deadline for submissions is now closed.

To strengthen the voices of new Canadians in Brantford, select participants may also be asked to share their story in a future BIP video  production.

Suggestions for video and written content

When writing, imagine yourself telling your story to other new Canadians in Brantford, your friends, your children, and your neighbours. Feel free to use the following questions as a guide or write from the heart. We look forward to hearing your story!

  • What was it like creating a new home in a new city and country?
  • What was it like making new friends and social connections?
  • What was it like finding a job? Did you start a different career?
  • What was the experience of your family members? Was it easier or harder for some family members?
  • What was the hardest part of resettling in Canada and Brantford?
  • What was the greatest part of resettling in Canada and Brantford?
  • When did Brantford start to feel like home?
  • What resources have helped you the most?
  • What is your advice for other Brantford residents new to Canada?

About Brantford Immigration Partnership

The Brantford Immigration Partnership (BIP) is a dedicated group of community partners who are working together to ensure that the City of Brantford continues to be a welcoming and inclusive community for all. The BIP’s overall goal is to see that all newcomers to our community feel a sense of belonging and are able to succeed and participate in the economic, social, civic, and cultural growth of our city.

Life in Brantford

Members of the Brantford Immigration Partnership and newcomers to the City talk about Life in Brantford including things to do, services, education, cost of living, job opportunities and more.

Newcomer experiences

Newcomers share their experiences in making Brantford their home while members of the Brantford Immigration Partnership (BIP) share the services available to make the transition easier.