Snow Removal

The City of Brantford removes snow when it affects traffic, parking and visibility. We also remove snow from bridges to maintain drainage and keep bridge decks clear.

We follow Provincial Maintenance Standards to maintain the roads during the winter.

Designated areas for snow removal

We clear snow in the following areas:

  • Downtown's Central Business District
  • Bridges and underpasses
  • Transit routes
  • Narrow residential streets
  • Sidewalks in front of City owned property
  • Municipal Parking Lots

Snow Buddies program

The Show Buddies program is a great way for youth to learn customer service skills, responsibility,  and a great work ethic by helping senior residents in oru community shovel their snow covered walkways, driveways, and sidewalks.  Students can even use this time towards high school community service hours or make some extra money.

Join the Snow Buddies and help your community

If you are 12 or older, you can sign up to become a snow buddy. Registration is $5.00 dollars and each student will complete an online training package that will prepare them for their Snow Buddy duties. 

Do you need a Snow Buddy?

Our Snow Buddies program can help you find youth in your neighbourhood to help shovel your snow if you're an adult over 55 or an adult with a disability or medical condition that prevents you from clearing snow on your own. Please contact us at 519-756-3261 ext. 5569 for more information at.

Snow Buddies registration

You can register for our Snow Buddies program to find a shovelling buddy. 

Snow Buddies shovelling rates

View the pricing guidelines for our Snow Buddies program.

Shovelling rates
Snow shovelling areaRate
City sidewalk in front of a house $10
Single driveway and sidewalk in front of house $12 to $18
Double driveway and sidewalk in front of house $15 to $25
Corner lot and driveway $18 to $30