Water Quality

The City of Brantford maintains the City of Brantford Water System and is committed to ensuring a high level of trust, commitment and accountability for the public water supply by consistently delivering high quality and safe drinking water to our community. 

The City's Quality Management Policy is the foundation of how we ensure the City's water supply is safe by continuously: 

  • Providing the customers of the City of Brantford Water System with a safe and adequate supply of drinking water
  • Meeting or surpassing applicable regulations and legislation in the Province of Ontario
  • Maintaining and continually improve the City's Quality Management System (QMS) and providing regular Water Quality Report updates. 

Municipal Drinking Water License 

The Ontario Government has implemented a Municipal Drinking Water Licensing Program  based on recommendations by Justice Dennis O’Conner, in Part Two of the Report of the Walkerton Inquiry. In order to obtain a License, the City as an Owner of a municipal residential drinking-water system must has the essential requirements in place: 

1. Drinking Water Works Permit

A permit describing current water system infrastructure and future alterations or upgrades to the water system.

2. Permit to Take Water

A permit to take 50,000 L or more of source water per day

3. Operational Plan

A plan prepared in accordance with the Drinking Water Quality Management Standard (DWQMS) developed by the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MOECC). 

4. Accredited Operating Authority

A comprehensive audit and periodic review of the Operational Plan by an independent certified accreditation body appointed by the province.

5. Financial Plan

A long-term strategic plan developed to ensure the financial sustainability of the drinking water system. In 2022, the City updated the Water Financial Plan in accordance with the requirements of Ontario Regulation 453/07.