Sports Field Rain Out Standard

Department: Parks Services
Issued: June 2008
Revised: January 11, 2021
Responsibility: Director, Parks Services


In order to keep fields safe, open and meet the demand for high quality fields, the Brantford Parks & Recreation Department has set guidelines for determining when the fields would be considered unplayable. Experience has shown that most of the turf and infield damage to fields occurs with field overuse during inclement weather.


The purpose of the Sports Field Rain Out Standard is to keep damage to a minimum and ensure safe playing conditions. This standard will outline the process by which sports field will be closed during inclement weather.


Criteria to be used to determine the playability of a field are as follows:

  • Visual ponding of water on any part of the field
  • Water sponging up from the surface when walking on the field
  • Poor drainage conditions of the field
  • Current and forecasted precipitation
  • Turf coverage
  • Amount of participation received over the last week
  • Relevance of the game being played
  • Game vs. practice

Rain out notification procedure

  • City and School Board fields will be assessed by City staff when precipitation is forecasted.
  • City Staff will contact field users prior to 2:00pm on the day of the booking to confirm cancellation throughout the week.
  • Field users may also determine that the conditions are unsafe for play and notify the City accordingly.
  • Field cancellation decisions will be made through the City by the Director of Park Services or their designate.
  • Users that ignore the cancellation notice or decide to proceed with play will be penalized and may forfeit future field use privileges.
  • Written notification to the Fields/Events Booking Clerk at is required for changes to bookings or questions regarding field conditions.

City staff continually monitors sports fields in order to determine field playability and to ensure that fields that have been closed are not being played upon.

Teams found in violation of the field closure order may forfeit the ability to book sports fields.

Damages that occur to sports fields as a result of play during inclement weather will be the responsibility of the teams participating in the game/practice to cover all costs associated with repair.

Your cooperation is the key to our ability to continue providing quality-playing surfaces.

Rescheduling of rain outs

In the event of a rainout, email us within 24-hours of the scheduled event or full charges will apply. Rainouts will be rescheduled to available fields upon discussion with the User Group.