Road Closures

The following is a listing of temporary right of way closures which can include: full or partial road closures, full or partial sidewalk closures, full or partial shoulder and boulevard closures and full or partial bike lane closures. Closure or occupancy of other space in the right of way is also possible.

The closures in this list may be a result of construction, moving, filming, parade or other special event or reason. The list does not include unscheduled or emergency closures.

Road Closures - All
      Road Closures - City Construction Projects
        Road Closure - Special Events

          Temporary Road and Sidewalk Occupancy Permits

          City Council recently approved an update to Brantford's Temporary Road/Sidewalk Occupancy for Construction Policy. Any contractor or resident intending to occupy space within the road, sidewalk or boulevard for longer than 30 minutes is required to obtain a Temporary Road/Sidewalk Occupancy Permit. This permit process helps to ensure that work being performed within the municipal right-of-way is completed in a safe and consistent manner.

          Permit process

          Processing time for permit application review is typically 10 working days once all required documents have been submitted to the satisfaction of the City of Brantford. Full road closure requests will need additional notice and a minimum of 15 days is required.

          Beginning August 1, 2019, all permit applications are subject to the following fees:

          Permit fees

          • Partial road or sidewalk closure (30 days or less) - $85.00
          • Partial road or sidewalk closure (more than 30 days) - $170.00
          • Full road closure (30 days or less) - $275.00
          • Full road closure (more than 30 days) - $550.00
          • Permit amendment or extension - $46.00 plus the difference between the original permit fee if the total duration exceeds 30 days
          • Expedited permit (processed within five business days if staff time permits) – permit fee plus 25 percent


          • Emergency Services and situations are exempt from the permit requirements.
          • Work being performed by or on behalf of the City of Brantford requiring a partial occupancy are exempt from the permit requirements. 

          Additional costs

          All costs to provide, install and remove peripheral detour routes and advisory signage by the City of Brantford will be the responsibility of the applicant.  These costs will be invoiced to the applicant once the work has been completed.  Please refer to the current Schedule 1 Operational Services – Traffic of the Fees and Charges By-Law 52-2019 for more information.