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The City of Brantford aims to be an inclusive, welcoming community for newcomers. In spring 2020, Brantford received federal funding to establish the Brantford Immigration Partnership (BIP) to help build a better understanding of the unique perspectives of immigrants, strengthen community partnerships to enhance service delivery, and celebrate cultural diversity and inclusion within our City.

The BIP Network functions as a hub to share experiences, voice ideas, and help launch new initiatives that empower newcomers. The goal of the BIP Network is to ensure our work is guided by those with lived experience and have members actively participate in research, new initiatives, and awareness campaigns.

We encourage you to learn more about the BIP Network and join us to inspire positive change in Brantford.

Your role as a BIP Network member:

  • Elevate the voices of those with lived experience of immigration
  • Commit to advance a culture of inclusivity, respect, and cooperation
  • Recognize that newcomers experience unique challenges economically, politically, and socially
  • Work towards a better understanding of the unique, multifaceted needs of newcomers within the City of Brantford
  • Participate in and support research and new initiatives that work to empower newcomers
  • Fight anti-discrimination in all forms, empower immigrants, and create meaningful change

You will receive:

  • Invitation to participate in research initiatives
  • Invitation to participate in special projects
  • Invitation to attend our annual Newcomer Symposiums
  • Invitation to attend monthly meetings
  • Receive quarterly newsletters to stay up-to-date with the BIP community and community partners.

We welcome you to join in this important effort, as we work to create a welcoming and inclusive community where all immigrants can contribute to the economic, social, civic, and cultural growth of our community.

Want to get involved? Please complete the online application to join the Brantford Immigration Partnership Network.

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You can call us at 519-759-4150 or email us for more information.