Advanced Metering Infrastructure and Water Meter Replacement Project

The City of Brantford is undertaking a background study to guide the City’s transition from a manual water meter reading system to an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) system, similar to systems implemented or being implemented in numerous municipalities, including but not limited to Toronto, Hamilton, Waterloo and Cambridge. The City currently maintains 35,349 water meters located in various residential, industrial, commercial and institutional properties. Through this project, the City will also be replacing old water meters with new water meters. 

AMI technology is an integrated system of water meters, communication network and data management software that enables utilities to collect water meter information automatically instead of the current manual process. AMI technology for water will be similar to the electricity metering technology that has been in place in Brantford since 2010. When completed, the AMI system will provide Brantford residents and businesses access to their hourly water usage, billing, alerts and notifications through the City’s web portal.

Project Benefits

The key benefits of implementing AMI in our City include:

  • Enhanced Customer Service – Customers will have access to hourly water usage leading to early detection of leaks and unexpected high water usage  
  • Reduced Costs – Customers can save through reduced water usage and timely maintenance of plumbing fixtures.
  • Billing Efficiency – Reduces the need for estimated billing and improves billing accuracy leading to better customer satisfaction. There will be savings by eliminating manual water meter reading
  • Distribution System Management – improved accuracy of consumption data and detection of backflow issues will lead to more efficient operation and maintenance of the water distribution system
  • Reduce Water Loss – monitoring water usage pattern will reduce water theft, tampering and leaks
  • Alleviate Climate Change Impact – Reduction in Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions by eliminating driving vehicles for manual meter reading, reduction in energy use by reducing water loss and modifying pumping strategy based on customer demand patterns

Virtual Public Information Centre #1

A live virtual meeting was held on December 2, 2021, at 6:00 p.m.

Missed the live meeting? To watch a recording of the PIC, please visit the City of Brantford's YouTube channel.

How to Get Involved

The City would like anyone with interest in this project to have an opportunity to provide input. If you have any questions or comments regarding this project, please contact a member of the project team:

Andrew Rodriguez, C.E.T.
Technologist, Capital and Development               
City of Brantford, Environmental Services
519-759-4150 Ext. 5784                
Joel Carty
Consultant Project Manager
Diameter Services Inc.