Special Event Permits

A permit may be required if you are planning to organize an event within the City of Brantford. If your event requires City services or impacts City by-laws or policies, you may be asked to attend a Special Event Advisory Team (S.E.A.T.) meeting.

Review the steps below to learn how to get a Special Event Permit. Please have all required forms completed and returned a minimum of 120 days before your event.

Important COVID-19 booking disclaimer

Please be aware that requests are subject to current and future COVID-19 provincial, municipal, and public health directives. If social gatherings are not permitted, Special Event permits will be cancelled and permit holders will be notified as soon as possible.

All organizations who wish to submit a Special Events Application must submit a COVID-19 safety plan, to be approved by the City of Brantford, to confirm that organizers will take the required steps to ensure physical distancing, monitor capacity, and abide by the advice of provincial, municipal public health directives and measures. Bookings will not be confirmed until COVID-19 safety plans are received. Upon submission of this form, you will be contacted with additional information about operational requirements before securing your booking. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.

Step 1 – Review the Special Event Standard
The City of Brantford is committed to providing event organizers with an efficient and supportive process that compliments their planning efforts. You can refer to the Special Event Standard at any time to help you throughout the planning process.
Step 2 – Fill out the Special Event Application

Review our Special Event Application and please make the selections that best describe the event you would like to book. Once complete, please submit the form by emailing us at specialeventbooking@brantford.ca

Please note that you will receive a confirmation email that outlines additional permit applications that must be completed and submitted.

Step 3 – Additional Permit Applications

The following forms may need to be completed if directed by Special Event staff following submission of your Special Event Application. Upon completion, you will receive a confirmation email that outlines additional steps. Permit applications may include:

  • Brant County Health Unit - Guidelines for Special Event Food Premise including an Organizer Information Guide, Organizer Application Form, Vendor Information Guide and/or Vendor Application Form. These forms can be found on the Brant County Health Unit website at bchu.org
2021 Special Event Rates

View location/item, description, and rates below:

Location / ItemDescriptionUnit of MeasureRate (HST Excluded)
 Alexandra Park  Daily Rate  Per Day  $293.36
 Alexandra Park  Special Events – 2 Hours or Less  Per Day  $135.39
 Brant’s Crossing  Daily Rate  Per Day  $361.06
 Brant’s Crossing  Special Events – 2 Hours or Less  Per Day  $135.39
 D’Aubigny Park  Special Events – Daily Rate  Per Day  $315.93
 Harmony Square  Special Events – Daily Rate  Per Day  $361.06
 Harmony Square  Special Events – 2 Hours or Less  Per Day  $135.39
 Mohawk Park  Special Event Fee  Per Day  $902.66
 Neighbourhood Park  Rentals – Daily Rate  Per Day  $121.86
 Neighbourhood Park  Rentals – Hourly Rate  Per Hour  $49.64
 Occasional Vendor Fee  Per Vendor  Per Event  $45
 Parking Lot  Full Lot - Hourly Rate  Per Hour  $125
 Parking Lot  Half Lot - Hourly Rate  Per Hour  $75
 Parking Lot  Quarter Lot - Hourly Rate  Per Hour  $35
 Picnic Tables  Rental  Per Table  $8.85
 Picnic Tables  Booking Fee  Per Event  $66.99
 Portable Washroom  Two-Person Handwash Station  Per Unit  $99.30
 Portable Washroom  Charge for Each Additional Cleanout  Per Unit  $33.41
 Portable Washroom  Toilet Unit  Per Unit  $99.30
 Portable Washroom  Accessible Toilet Unit  Per Unit  $99.30
 Portable Washroom  4-Unit Trailer  Per Trailer  $451.33
 Portable Washroom  Booking Fee  Per Event  $26.02
 Site Plan Mapping/Prints    Per Hour (Minimum 1 Hour)  $40.62
 Special Event Permit  (0 – 500)   Per Event  $45
 Special Event Permit   (500 – 1500)  Per Event  $90
 Special Event Permit   (1500+)  Per Event  $135
 Trail Rentals  Daily Rate  Per Day  $207.61
 Victoria Park  Daily Rate  Per Day  $383.63
 Victoria Park  Special Events – 2 Hours or Less  Per Rental  $135.39

 Please call 519-759-4150 or e-mail us at specialeventbooking@brantford.ca if you have any questions. 

Supporting Resources

Watch the following short educational videos on a range of topics related to organizing special events. More videos will be posted in the coming months.

Watch the entire Special Event Tutorials Playlist on YouTube or click the first icon "1/2" in the top right side of the video screen below to watch each video in the series.

Event Organizers are encouraged to review these supporting resources, if applicable:

  1. Temporary Performance/Event Structures - Safety Guideline for the Live Performance Industry in Ontario
  2. Outdoor Venues - Safety Guideline for the Live Performance Industry in Ontario

Please note that submission of any form or application does not guarantee approval of your request. A Special Events Booking Clerk will contact you to review your request. Please email us at specialeventbooking@brantford.ca or call us if you have any questions or concerns during the application and booking process.